Lost Letter: Nanna

8 years

The Lost Letters is a segment on my blog where I write a letter to a friend or relative that has died. In each letter, I hope to be able to write what I would tell them if I had the chance and allow it to be a healing process to be able to ‘write to them’.

Dearest Nanna,

It has been six years since you passed, and I still miss you. You were a constant part of my life since I was a baby and in the later years when I cared for you, I was with you all the time. It’s so difficult when someone is no longer there. Someone you cared about, loved, protected, looked after and who meant so much. I am lucky in many ways. I was able to know you, to appreciate your kindness and your unique personality. You were often misunderstood by other people, who did not see your soft, creative, caring, honest, imaginative soul. I like to think that I could see who you were and how much I am like you. I wish that you could have been here longer. I wish I could have one day, one more day to hold your hand and feel your fingers and nails like I used too. Just to hear your voice again, or a comforting hug. Maybe one day we will be able to meet again. I love you.  🌺


You will be happy to know that we are still taking care of your cats. Molly and Tiger are still with us, and they are 20+ now. They all like to have a snooze on my bed and don’t mind being covered over. They like being inside, spoilt and little fatties. I am sure you would be really happy about that. I see them everyday and am always reminded of you. It makes me sad to think that one day they will be gone too, so I try and cherish each moment.   💖


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  1. This is so beautiful ? I was not as close to my grandparents as you were to your Nanna so when they passed away I moved on much more quickly than most people do, but I guess that was the sad part – them not being a huge part of my lives. We all suffer sadness and loss and experience it in different ways. Writing letters can be a great way to cope, and I hope doing this has helped you in some way.

    It’s so great to hear that Molly and Tiger are still around ?

  2. I loved reading this Kya, gave me some feels for sure. It’s so beautifulily written I’m sure your Nanna is happy! I’m also sure that she appreciates the fact that you are still taking care of her cats. 😀

  3. This is beautiful, Kya. <3 I'm sure you made your Nanna's life just as wonderful. I know the heartbreak of losing a loved grandparent that you are close to. <3

    I bet Molly and Tiger miss her too!

  4. I love this segment; especially with the heart touching message you want to send to loved ones who have passed. Your Nanna sound so sweet and genuine. It’s amazing how Molly and Tiger have been living for over 20 years. I’m sure she would appreciate that ♥

  5. That was a very touching letter. I’m sure Nanna is looking down from Heaven and is very proud of you. She’s in peace knowing that you and her cats are still being taken care.

  6. This is so beautiful and it’s a very good coping mechanism. I remember I was 9 when my grandma passed away and I missed her every single day because she was the one that raised me.
    I still missed her and I would love to have her around.

    We all loose people, maybe they pass away maybe they walk away from our lives, being able to communicate with them in a form or another is good for us.

  7. What a sweet letter, Kya, and what a sweet reminder of who your grandmother is and how much she touched you. I have a grandmother that I’ve never met, and I always wonder and imagine what she would be like and how we would have got along. But I have some wonderful memories with my other grandmother so this made me think of her and smile!

    I can’t believe the cats are over 20 years old now! I know that most cats live longer than dogs, but that is so wonderful that they are still around!

  8. oh Kya, this just sweet. ♥ I could see your connection and how you admire and love your Nanna. I love this segment. Losing someone special is really hard, but thank God for beautiful memories that we could always hang on to. I am hoping that somehow, you feel reconnected again to the one you’re writing the letter to.

  9. Such a sweet and beautiful letter to your nana. It seems like you two had such a close relationship and even though we sometimes wish we had more time with the people we love, I’m glad that you got to spend the time you did have together. <3

  10. That was lovely, and a very nice idea actually. It kind of makes me want to try this. That is awesome that you were so close to your nana. The PS part made me smile.

    1. That would be great if you tried it. I feel like it was really helpful to me. It allowed me to feel like I was able to finally say things that I couldn’t, or that I was connecting with someone I lost in some small way.

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