Lost and found

19 years

:satisfied: :plain: Yep lost was on last night. Hot damn I love that show so much. I am already looking forward to next week. I still feel ripped off we are so far behing the US but I have been good and avioded finding out what happens! How proud of myself I am xP :plain:

OK I finally finished a fanlisting like a good little girl 😀 Holden ss utes wooo 😀

I have been lazzily busy lately. Just doing school things and playing sims and helping mum and all that jazz 😛

Ok I have people to add to meh loved list and comments to return 🙂 Loving yee all *hugs* and thanks for the comments about my poem <3

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  1. KASSMMneaANN 😛 oh dear you have made me as insane as you!.. or was I always like this.. *wonders* 😛 mwhehe. Lost hasn’t even started over here yet. No one has any idea what everyone is going on about about this Lost xD la la laaa lol. Why don’t you download the further episodes of lost and watch them 😛
    luff yehshshsh 😀 *dancesquishuggles* 😉 <3333

  2. Oh I happened to glance it ?Lost? the other, night I don’t watch it, but I guess it would be pretty dramatic for those who are fans, heh. :down: I’m not good at keeping track of shows! :dead: Good job for not trying to find out what happens! 😀 Don’t worry about it, it’s just different for you, you’ll see everything too, just at a slower pace. 🙂 I love the layout of your new fanlisting! The green color rocks. :cute: Have fun playing the Sims. :heart: That’s nice to help your mom, and good luck with your school work too 😉 Thanks for adding me to your loved list. 😎 You’re welcome for the comments. Have fun returning the comments. Take care! 🙂

  3. Lost.. I think thats on here. I was going to ask if its about some people who get lost somewhere but that’s a bit stupid so I’ll shut up lol. I have a fanlisting to make, I’m so lazy :/

  4. I know how hard it can be to try and maintain a site and do homework, spend time with family and what not. Lol 😀 I know I try to. I don’t really like the show lost, I think my show really is CSI. Hmm I am glad you are feeling love from me 😀 I surely do love you, you are great! Hehe :blush:

  5. sounds good, lol i should look into lost, i was more of an O.C girl until second season started and it really wasnt my thing anymore, bah lol take care.

  6. About Nadine’s comment – yep it isn’t. Cause they don’t want to trouble us on picking to watch that or desperate housewives. awww. xp.

    =hugs kasssssssidearest= It’s been so long.

    I shall be more faithful to stalking thee.

    =nods= :heart: :heart: :heart:

  7. Hey. Haha, U.S. seems to be ahead of every country, including Australia. Oh well, that’s United States for you. Congratulations on finishing a fanlisting. I should check it out since I don’t know what the heck it’s for.. Heh. I feel stupid right now..; oh well. Sounds like you’re living a regular life right now; games, chores, school, etc. Lol.

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