Livejournal Icon Fun.

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  1. Oh my goodness graciouness bodacious I love it! So much! 😀 I love your icon madness, weee!

    And also… I didn’t get to say this last time (boo!) but I adore the new theme, cupcake.

    I hope my madam has been well. I have clearly been stalking you, but like a good ol’ stalker, I have been nice and secretive about it! Muahahahaa…. *scary* GONK!

  2. I got assigned to comment by despair a few days ago. I thought I had, but evidently not. Thanks for commenting my last entry. I normally don’t update with personal stuff. But, i think that cause is important. I’ll check out you LJ community. =]

  3. LOL well hello indeed! And hello to this layout too, it’s gorgeous! I love the colours 🙂 I love your icons though, so pretty!

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