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18 years

Thank you very much for all the comments <33333 they are very much appreciated. I changed my room around not long ago, I don”t know if I like it or not I guess I will have to wait and see. It wore me out, I suck. I brought My Darling an early birthday present because she deserves it 😀 I still plan on buying Her another present, it might be a bit late but something nice. *coughbedeviledcough* – Is that spelt right? HAHA <33 – You would not believe how long it took to come up with a name, so bloody funny. A special moment ;D I also brought another Domain because I can”t help my Domain Whoreing self, but I love them so. Please make welcome to the family; I thought it was adorable, while we were searching names I seen this one and it just really stuck with me I thought “omg wtf bbq kfc, I need it!!!” I don”t know what I am using it for at the moment…. any ideas? silver pointed out it was just in time for Halloween and I didn”t even realise because Halloween is not that big here in Oz. Speaking of Halloween it was on TV last night, well the one that was last made. I thought it was a bit lame, but still scary. I thought Mike was after me a few times *cry*. I think I was going to say something, but after having to write this all again, bloody accidently clicked something and lost everything my mind has gone black. I have been having fun Trouble Checking, The Precious has labled me a TC Nazi, because I try and find any problem I can. I am kind of obsessed with doing the best job I can. Becase I have been chosen out of alot of people and I want to do my best. I am off to watch a movie now, take care all you Hobitses <33333333 I promise I will be commenting when I get back 😀

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  1. You’re very welcome! Oh, I love rearranging my room. 😀 I get all nuts and just work work, work. I love work. Woo 😀 Did you just keep swimming (while watching out for the freaking sharks with the freaking laser beams on their freaking heads)? Maybe you could take pictures? I think I’m going to be completely remaking my room sometime. Paint, flooring, etc. Oh, labor! 😀 Thank you so much Kya again! It is great and awesome. DOWN WITH JONO! It took all fricking day/night but that’s okay. Is it just me or did it not feel like it took that long? Hmmm. I love it, thank you again. *I am not worthy!* And omg wtf cheese sticks I don’t know, let me check! ;o You are great! 😀 Heh.. Moving on… You are such a whore Sunnie. Why, oh why did you have to go and buy it, huh? Why? And you also broke the rules. Pretending to go off and feed the bloody chickens so you could escape to the land of sleep. You will pay. (: I agree, your domain name did seem very Halloween-appropriate. It’s a cool name. You loved it a SO much, so I wasn’t very surprised when you went and bought for yourself. 😛 Hmm, maybe you could make a shrine to Mike? ;D I hadn’t seen the newest one.. I don’t think I have anyway. :/ Yesterday the one where he’s after her daughter was on. I didn’t really watch it, just a wee bit. You might want to get your mind checked out, going black can’t be good. I think I read somewhere it’s a disease or something. O: Hey! You keep trying to turn things around so you look innocent and me the most evil thing in the world. You’d make a great actress Kya. (: If these people only knew., Kya, if they only knew. You are indeed a TC Nazi, don’t you deny it! So instead of naming the little people you’re just calling us Hobitses now? Nice. Real nice. Oh and sorting should be today. We need to be in the same school, we must make them precious…. Oh and I heard about the Weasleys car… It flies wonderfully.. I mean, erm.. I am honestly hurt you would ever accuse me of that, I am hurt that the idea of it would even cross your mind Kya! ;( I don’t know what you’re talking about… okay?! Oh and freakazoid posted the messed up tales… or “tails” haha I love corny jokes. You know what I’m talking about? Probably not. I’ll tell you right now.. Well, give me a few seconds okay? Okay. See you killer of mouse batteries!

  2. AHHHHH! I got cut off! You evil comment system! =chants= Pictures of the room…x3 lol. Ooh the domains” name are cute. Aww it was sweet to give Nicole a domain with such a cute name. I”m hearing wedding bells… lalala .. doesn”t… till death do us part do sound spookish. Lol. toasters. Kya”s doing a great job in TFL. Go her! wohooo!’

  3. Lol. I cleaned my room last night.. it took 4 hours.. >__>;; lol How mant domains are you now? lol! I love spookish. I agree, it sounds so cute! btw, you been infected! (You have to write 5 random facts and pass it on to some people)

  4. Woot! New Domains!! Yes indeed Halloween is in 2 days! 😀 I am going out of course. Dressed as a man hahaha. 🙂 GOod old halloween. The time where Children have to go check thier teeth regularly to make sure they don”t have or start forming cavities..Lol 🙂

  5. Well, wordpress seems to be going well, huh. How many domains do you have in total, now? sounds cute… I wonder what you could do with it? Hmm.. What movie are you watching? While I”m at it, what is your favorite movie? Mine is 28 Days. OH, and Beauty and the Beast, of course! 😀 2 best movies in the world! 😀 My site”s down at the moment, you may have noticed.. I am moving to a new host soon, hopefully, so I”ll let you know the new address… I don”t celebrate hallowe”en at all, but McDonald”s had a hallowe”en party last night… I have no idea why! lol I”d prefer we just ignore the holiday in general. We had some really scary people come into work, all dressed up with white faces and blood all over them… I was really freaked out, lol!! Your site”s looking awesome as always 😀 Luv Mary xox

  6. Aww… You”re such a sweetie to Nicole. I don”t doubt one bit that she appreciates everything you”ve done for her birthday to make it special. You rock that way. 🙂 I really like your new Very cute. Although I have to wonder what on earth you”re going to do with all of these domains. I can hardly keep up with the two I have. *lol*

  7. Wow, domain-crazy! I wish I had my own domain… but that dream”s far off in nowhere. And gawd, you really do have a different layout evertime I visit xD

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