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Thanks for all the comments, its always fun to have them. *pokes the spam master* Anyway, I went looking at Ipods on tuesday, I found one and have it put away. I should be able to get it in a few weeks, it’s a 30gb so that should keep me going for a while. They had black or white, and it took me ages to decide. But in the end it was white, because they goes with most things, and you can always buy a cover.

I also brought the sims 2 open for buisness expansion pack, it’s alot of fun. I did manage to make one shop loose all their employees in the first day, haha I didn’t know they don’t like a cheap wage. 😛 They should have worked harder! 😉

I have millions of piles of school work to do, and I really need to start doing it, I have exams in a few months, plus I don’t want to miss out on getting the certificate for this computer course I am currently doing.

Under a month untill the INXS concert! Oh My God, I think I will die before it. I can’t wait, I hope J.D takes of his shirt, hell even in winter, he has an order to hold up to. 😉

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  1. Okay just made sure that happened lol xD So anyways aww a new iPod woot woot 🙂 Glad you got something for yourself then. 🙂 And the Sims 2 Expansion Pack as well. I haven’t played Sims in AGES maybe I will later? Mm not sure lol xD But yeah its been a while.

  2. 30GB Ipod? I’m jealous. I only have a 4gb Ipod Mini and i’ve used up all the space! lol.. There is a 1000 song limit, and I have about 800 songs on there, and i’ve maxxed out. lol. You can never trust what it says on the ad. It all depends on the size and length of these songs too, you know?

    Oooh. The Sims!? I’ve never really gotten into that game, although I play on my Gamecube at times. 😛 It’s more fun on Console then it is Computer, at least for me.

    Good luck with those exams, and hope you have a lovely time at that concert! 🙂

  3. I’ve never played Sims before, but everyone’s talking about it so i might consider buying one of the games. Any suggestions on which is the best one? Oh, and an iPod sounds nice! I would get one, but I’m completely broke. :p

    Enjoy your new iPod once you receive it and your Sims game! 😀

  4. OMG 30gb, isn’t that too much? 😛 lol I have a MP3 player with 512mb and mine is just a little baby next to yours lol
    Sims 2! It’s awesome, I love Sims. I have to buy that extension (I have til Uni), but I guess it’s as good as previous extensions, isn’t it? 😛
    Ohh a concert! That’s great! I remember once I saw a show where INXS where looking for a new singer, that’s all I know about them lol
    I knew that Nicole had a personal domain, it’s just that she now has a new one, right? 😛
    Take care!

  5. Ooo 30GB.. whoa! dats a whole lot of space.. im thinkin of buyin an ipod as well but it’ll probably jz be the nano one.. :p

    sims.. ive never tried dat game. heard abt it alot tho never gna try it. for fear of becoming too addicted to it.. hahah..

    take care. 🙂

  6. OMG!! INXS, INXS, INXS!! Take me with you??? LOL!! Before I die, I’d love to see JD up close!!! He’s just oh so sexy!!

  7. You have exams? School hasn’t started for me yet 😛

    Oh and about Sims, that looks like a fun game. Seems like every has it but me, lmao!

  8. Woah, an iPod? I’ve been meaning to get one for ages, but haven’t got the chance or money. Good for you though 🙂 Good luck for your exams too!

  9. I would probably linger oin that store forever, deciding colours or,,,deciding at all is not my strognest side 😛 I think white is cooler though 😛 I know everyone played the Sims before, btu i’ve never even tried it :S

  10. Black iPods are totally untrue 😛 If I’d own an iPod, I’d certainly own a white one, and I’m actually that kind of person who owns everything in black.

    Have fun at the concert! I can understand you, I’ve just seen and met my very favorite band live last Saturday 😉

  11. Cool, cool That’s a hell of a lot of space. I think either color would have been cool .I like white better though. :O 😉 😀

    HJahaha. Wow, you are abusing your employees. I am so shocked. You could always hire Weasleys. They would do anything for some extras galleons. 🙂

    Ahhhh the news just said bird flu. gonk Keep it to yoself, foo!

    ANYWAY, you should do your homework or I will send you to sheila hell where you will have to sheila every day for the rest of your miserable afterlife. I am totally remus. Don’t make me do it! 🙁 Seriously, though, I want you to do it. 🙂

    If you die before it, just be sure to wave at them and do not try to spook them, possess them, wail at them, or throw up on them. That would not be good.

    Winter. 😀 Bird Flu again. Ahh.

    I hope you have a lot of fun at the concert when it comes up! 😀

  12. Woah 30GB I have 2GB and I still have a lot of space and I have a lot of videos. Thank you for your comment I don’t know I have to check and maybe they do have an option.

  13. What? You got a 30 GB ipod? You make me feel really small 🙁 Oh well. White is a good choice, anyway. It’s nice.
    Oooh, INXS concert? Sounds like fun. They’re coming to Singapore too and I’m sorta debating whether to go. JD is hot, anyway and there’s a higher chance of him taking off his shirt here since it’s a tropical country and they’re performing outdoors. HAHA 😀

  14. An iPod eh? I’m still happy with my iPod mini hehe.

    I’m so glad I don’t have school yet, or else I would be buried in school work as well.

    I hope you have fun at the concert! 😀

  15. Oooh yes iPods are immense! Mine’s white too with a lovely pink cover on it :)! I’d advise buying a case for it straight away because they get pretty damn scratched otherwise!

    Oooh I want the Sims! I’ve never really had a proper go of it before! x

  16. So cool you’re buying an iPod! And The Sims 2 is awesome – addicting games are simply dangerous for me. 😉 Good luck on all of your school work!

  17. hey! nice site you have here. i’ve never really played the sims, though my cousin created me on hers 🙂

    have fun at the concert!

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  20. “I am here to help you but you must listen to me and not be stupid.” — John

    “No I am not like TOM because I like to get things done. Not mess around and try to make everything so funny.” — John

    “Yes he does because hw will not shut up and is getting on my nervious (nerves).” — John

    “Hello this is tom. :)” — Tom

  21. “Ahhhh. AC/DC and Powderfinger are no more.” — Nicole


  22. Oh, I really really really really want an iPod, but I’ve already got an mp3-player 🙁
    Haha, I was TOTALLY addicted to sims before. But know: I couldn’t care less xD
    Good luck on the concert! 😀 I’m going at a concert tomorrow ^^ A norwegian band named Silver 😀

  23. I don’t have an iPod but a MSI Mega Stick 511 which works just fine for me. I hardly use it anyway, lol. So I don’t think I’d use all those GBs of space anyway. Have fun with your iPod though.

    I have The Sims 2 but no expansions. They’re too expensive, in my opinion. But once I can get them with discount, I’ll definitely get them. Open for business seems like fun!

  24. When I play ts2 the businesses always go straight downhill. I think it’s because I don’t pay attention… I’m always playing like three families at once that have no relationships, then I go back and am like… huh?

  25. Wowiee! 30gig ipod. YAY Think of all that you could put in there :O;:D. I have a 20gig one but it’s getting old and the battery is dying :(.
    Good luck with all that school work and exams sweets!
    :O INXS concert is looming eeeeeeeee! When I was on holiday I kept seeing INXS stuff everywhere.. and I kept going :O INXS KYA *dies* xD

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