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10 years

There have been a lot of things going on recently. Most of them have been ‘dsjdkhiuhasdajkh DOOM’ but there have also been a few good things too.

I have had ear trouble for the last five months. It started as an ear infection, then turned into something that the last four doctors don’t know what it is (yay). So I have to wait until November to see a specialist. At least twice a month if gets so much pressure/throbbing and builds up with fluid and really hurts. After a while it kind of leaks out. Ew.

My mum went on holiday for two weeks so I had some time to myself. I did miss her, so it was nice to see her when she got back.

My dear cat Tigger who was around 17 passed away. She got very ill and was at the vet for a week. It was first thought she had an infection, but it looks more likely it was some form of bowel cancer. The vet suggested we have her put down, but we couldn’t do it. I wish we had of done that now, because her death was very hard. 🙁

My dads bird Flapper (who was around 5) also passed away. I am not sure what happened, but he suddenly got very quiet. We brought him inside the day before he died, I checked on him a lot. But he passed away while I was not with him (I don’t like anything to be alone if it is going to pass) so that was sad.

I have made some progress on my ‘mental health battle’. I was able to speak with a health professional who actually listened and seemed to care. So I have a start, in hopefully a good direction.

Kate sent me some lovely gifts, a cute owl friend and a lovely candle that smells really nice. The card was also wonderful! (Image of these under the cut.) THANK YOU!



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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your pets passing, I hope you/everyone around you is doing well. And I’m also sorry to hear about your ear, sounds horrible but I hope you have something to make it manageable until November? Nothing worse than being that uncomfortable for so long.

    1. Thank you so much! <3 Thankfully the main comes and goes, so I don't have to deal with it like that all the time, just constantly blocked and weird. :S

  2. I wish for the best when November comes. Do what you have to do to treat that infection.

    I’m sorry to hear that your cat and dad’s bird passed away :(. I understand the pain of having to bare a cat’s death. A few years ago, the same happened to me where 3 of my cats died and punctured me emotionally/mentally to the point where I struggled with my everyday life. Even years later, it still hurts every time I think about them. Hang on in there, Kya.

    It’s sweet of Kate to send you some goodies :). You have the cutest things ever!!

    1. Thank you so much! I am really sorry that you went through such a difficult time, that would have been horrible. 🙁 *hugs*

  3. I’m sorry to hear that life’s been so up and down for you m’dear. It’s excellent news that you’ve found a good health professional, and what lovely gifts! Hope the ear gets sorted soon! <3

  4. I’m sorry to hear about Tigger & Flapper’s passing away. I like to believe that they are in heaven watching over the family. *hugs* I am praying for you (especially your ear condition) and the family. It is always lovely to receive the mail from friends. 🙂 So yay! *cough*sittingonyourpackage*cough*

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Don’t worry, you can send the things when or if you have the time. No pressure! 😀

  5. It’s annoying that you have to wait so long to see a specialist. I was annoyed that I had to wait a month to see a physiotherapist but waiting until November is just a joke!

    I’m sorry to hear about your cat and your dad’s bird. It’s always a sad time when a pet passes away. 🙁

  6. Wow, that’s annoying that you have to wait so long, especially when you don’t know what’s going on with your ears. D:

    I’m really sorry about your cat and your father’s bird 🙁 It’s no fun when a pet passes away. Big hugs for you!


  7. I’m so sorry about your pets. I’m sure Flapper knew you were there for him. Oh, and poor Tigger. 🙁 Big hugs for you!

    I hope the specialist figures out what’s wrong with your ear! I was having a string of UTIs earlier this year, bad enough for them to send a sample to a urologist and find out what’s wrong. They couldn’t find anything, but they charged me for it anyway because America. Ugh!

  8. I can understand part of your ear troubles. When it’s cold I have to make sure my ears are really covered or I get an ear infection, if I get a drop of water in my ear I can get an ear infection, pretty much anything gives me an ear infection. Dual inner ear infections…that’s the time I wish I would have died. Ugh.

    I’m sorry your cat passed away. It is hard, especially when you’ve had a pet for that long. My cat Booger was around 18 when she passed away, it’s been around five years and I still miss her. Every night she slept with me but instead of laying beside me she slept on my pillow. But at the end she was just sick all the time and when my mom found her and told me I think I cried for months.

    right now it’s a bit of waiting to see what my mom is going to do with her dog. We’re pretty sure he’s going blind and deaf. He had a stroke so he only has about 30% use of his back legs – but somehow he still gets around. My mom is hoping something will happen and he’ll get better and she won’t have to put him down – or at least that’s what I think is happening. It will just be so different without him because we’ve had him for at least 10 years.

    I made an owl like that for a friend. ^_^

  9. Aw, it sounds like a crazy past few months. I hope your ear infection…or whatever has happened to your ears just magically disappears. (: I hope it’s nothing super serious but the idea of fluid coming out of your ears sounds rather frightening. Hang in there!

    And I’m sorry to hear about the deaths of your cat and your dad’s bird. Is 17 years a lot for a cat? I don’t think I’ve ever met a cat that was 17 years old…

    Also, glad to hear that the mental health battle is going well. Sounds like your in good hands (:

    Wishing you the best always, Kya!

  10. Hi, Kya.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your ear troubles!!! 🙁 I hope you feel better!
    I’m also so sorry about Tigger and Flapper… losing pets is always the worst feeling ever… but don’t worry about them, I’m sure they’re in a better place now since their pain and suffering is now over!

    AHHHHH the owl is sooooooooo cute! 😀

  11. I’m sorry to hear about your pets. It’s always sad when a pet passes away especially one you’ve had for so long.

    I hope nothing’s wrong with your ears. It’s still a long time until November, I hope you find a way to make it somehow manageable until then.

    *big hugs*

  12. I’ve been having some “mental health issues” for a long time myself now. At least you’re proactive in seeking out help. I’ve reached the stage where I just don’t care about myself anymore.

    All the best to you, Kya. I miss talking to you!

  13. I’m sorry about your animal losses. 🙁 It’s good to have nice friends though, to pick you up with happy little gifts, or letters or just small talk. 🙂

  14. Sorry to hear about your losses. 🙁 It’s tough, but time heals all wounds eventually. Or at least it’ll hurt less. Have you tried looking up what you could do with your medical condition online? I know the internet is not the most reliable source, but sometimes there are some good tips out there haha, so long as it doesn’t require something dangerous.

    How nice of your friend to send you an owl!

    1. I have tried looking up a huge number of things and it has helped to possible identify other issues that might have played apart in it. So I may have to either ask a doctor what they think or just wait. -_-

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