Take two for one at the price of none

19 years

Hey, I haven”t bloged for a while I am so slack, but I did say I would have a domain by this blog and that is true. I brought three but only one is actually for myself 😉 Charlieislost.net yep I have a thing for .nets at the moment, they are my fav, so cute. I brought Ryanislove.org for Krissy Because she rocks and well Ryan is her man (mine on the side shh :P). And a domain for Raine But I don”t know if she has it ready yet *dances*

I wasn”t approved for the Snape & Draco fanlisting but just when I thought all was well, the Billy & Dom fanlisting came up :/ Why, oh god why. That is massive, huge. *dies* I am trying to not work myself up about it because if I didn”t get it well I would be sad.

I don”t really have much to say. Bye bye. *waves*

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  1. Hey Kya!

    Are any of us surprised you bought more domains? Well, I expected one, but three?! lol ;D I like the name, Charlieislost.net it’s very cute, why did you pick that?

  2. My sweetie, I love you. :):) And she – Raine – does have it ready now!!! *squeeeeees* Hehe. Thank you so much. I’m working on it now, I’m soooo excited. xDD

    Enough about me! Look at you, you beautiful domain giver! xD You are so generous. We all adore you for what you do! And about the fanlistings, don’t worry about it, I have all my fingers and toes crossed just for you. *sends flowers*

  3. Liar. This was not the next blog. I will let you get away with your LIES this time. Shiver me timbers, me tongue got bit matey, arrrrrr!
    Timmy likes .nets, isn’t that righty Timmy? Timmehhhh! That is a yes, I think. Hios vocabulary might be a bit small, but his head is not. Umm.. :S Was that mean? o: That domain name you chose is really nifty. It was very nice of you to buy them domains as well, they do rock indeed. 😀 Good luck wiht your application. That is us too. Ahhh 🙁 I’m still glad you got la la land guy and crackhead lady. Wooo! 😀 😀 😀

    Nicole, Timmy, Vincent, and Billy.

  4. So slack tut tut tut! ahaha 😛 I had to stop Erin humping your new domain :O she went crazy. Her charlie dar could find Charlie 😉 *ting ting ting* :O maybe he is here hahaha

  5. WordPress cut me off 🙁

    where was I

    I remember mwahahaha i saw saying you are a bless chicken (cause chickens are sacred!! Erin and Neville know!!) for getting domains for krissy and raine!!! BOW DOWN TO THE CHICKEN!

  6. It cut me off again!

    maybe its the shocken smilie???

    what was i saying again … i remember! it sucks you didnt get snale and draco 🙁 but good luck with billy and dom, they are mini chickens almost as powerfull as the super chicken!

    muchos love!!!xxx

  7. You’re like the domain dominator dominatrix or something lol. Okay if that wasn’t cheesey, I don’t know what wiould be. Who do you purchase your domain names from? Seems like it’d get expensive after a while?

  8. I’ll cross my fingers hard for you!”!!!!!!!
    I hope taine will be ready soon 😀
    thanks for the looong comment 🙂 you made my day 🙂
    I’ll take a lookie on the site when it’s up 😉 take care darling xoxoxoxoxoxox

  9. Good god woman, more domains?! I think you’ve bought more domains than most people can even imagine owning. *lol* I can’t wait to see the new one once it’s up though. 😉

  10. Kyaaa I love SLOSHH you ;D
    :O nnooo you weren’t approved for the Snape & Draco FL :O:( but that was so YOURS! :S Muchos luck on the Billy & Dom FL though!

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