19 years

It’s funny and annoying, because pay pal don’t except the type of credit card mum has. So the $160 she placed on it turns out to be useless. However, lucky for me she does have two and the other one is excepted so she has to spend another $160 and place that on her other one :S how annoying, she was blamming herself before saying she should have put the money on the one that is excepted and I said no one knew if it was anyones fault it’s mine.

I am also a little angered by the way some people that I had hosted took the news about me deciding not to anymore. I guess sometimes we never know :S

I like people to visit my site and it seems I do get about 50 people a day so if you are visitor number 50 send me an e-mail ( and I will send you a little gift 🙂 *hugsssss*

I feel so tired and I actually want to go to bed and it’s only like 8:50pm? strange, very strange.

Take care everyone 🙂 byye

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  1. Boo-yah! Check out the awsome badge Kya gave me, everybody! *puffs out chest*
    I know what you mean… sometimes I find myself wanting to go to bed at weird hours… but like… that’s just me, and I love sleeping 🙂

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Dang the hostees. It’s your space.

    Feel betetr, rest lots.

    <3 you hun

    Go Kya!

    =checks out lissy’s badge= oooh you lucky girl. ^^

  3. Wait — She’s not losing her money is she? It’ll just be in the paypal/credit card right? I’m glad to hear the other one is accepted. I guess you can’t ever assume anything, that sucks. :dead: I’m sorry that you guys are blaming yourselves. 🙁 Hmmm, uh it’s your choice if you don’t want to host all those people anymore or not. They can find somewhere else, I?m sure. Lots of people host, a place like here is a good place to find one, or they can buy their own domain. Heh, I’m 55 – close, but no cigar. 😀 That’s very strange for you! Guess you tired yourself out.

  4. Get lots of rest my dear. Yup, I have nothing really to say, just don’t worry about those people you hosted, I am pretty sure they can find someone willing to host them again.

  5. That’s really stink about the Paypal…:( SUE THEM! Lol…

    About the hostees…stuff them! They can find other hosts…and it’s their fault they haven’t been communicating with you :(.


  6. Ughh. Tell me about it. Paypal can be stupid at times. When I was confirming my bank account.. it took DAYS. OMG. It’s so stupid.

    I know how you feel. I decided to stop hosting this one girl, because she barely ever updated. Now she’s been harassing me and calling me names such as "nigger" (Note: i’m WHITE), "fatty", etc. Yeah, how mature. That’s why I raised hosting age to 16, then stopped hosting all together. :/ Yeah, now I host invitation only! Can’t be anymore happier with my voice. Kiddies really like to destroy it for other people.

  7. Aww! ur mom is so nice. (: Some people think they should be hosted and when they’re rejected later, they get mean. sigh. LOVE YA (:

  8. I love your new layout! It’s really pretty! Aww, sorry to hear about your mum. That sucks but she shouldn’t blame herself. Hope all is going good for you! Love Ya!

  9. seems like a start of the new day. I’m visitor 3 =/ and don’t worry about those ex-hostees. we meet these sorta people everyday. you just wish now that you didn’t host them in the first place, right? :p

  10. Whoa, I just couldn’t resist on posting about your Layout AGAIN! I love it. So green. Man you are really in the spirit! *growls* 😛

  11. For the last little while, every night when it hits 10:00pm I seem to automatically want to sleep… it’s so weird. Hope you are doing well 🙂

  12. oh! even if i don’t like slytherin this IS a sexy layout! i dont get how rude some people can be online! even if i dont agree with someone i still try and be polite and stuff. and if someone said they didnt want to host me anymore, i’d respect that. its their space. such a shame others have to ruin it =/

  13. Damn Pay Pal. All those sites are so confusing and it’s totally understandble to get one thing wrong.

    Your hostee’s are really ungratful to be mean at you. You did something so lovely and hosted them, and they didn’t make the effort. *hugs*

    My counter says 40. Better luck tommorrow. 🙂

    And all go sleep! Who cares if it’s early. lol 🙂

  14. Yeah, I feel sleepy right now and here its only 3:38 P.M. lol, just came from school, nothing to comment on.. I see your confuzzlement wiff ze munny!

  15. I’ve had many a few people abuse me because I won’t host them. Seems as though most people that do offer hosting have this problem. The way I see it, I pay for the space, I can do what I want with it. And since they weren’t talking to you, then you have all the rights in the world to cease hosting their sites.

    Luff the layout, by the way. Slytherin pride, baby. ;D

  16. Hey there 🙂 omg the layout is awesome!! you did a great job 😀
    That sucks about Pay Pal. Good thing your mom got the money there using the other card. 😛 Lol, it was only 7:30 pm and i felt like going to bed =S Very weird, eh? You’re not the only one who’s tired. Join the club, lol.

  17. Hello my soul sister. *huggles* How are you? I must catch up with you on msn today or tomorrow. This layout is amazing. Slytherin are so devious. I love them hehe! I know what you mean about the whole tired thing? I often get that. Tis weird huh. Love you muchos. Keep smiling. 🙂 xo ♥

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