Kitchen Renovation

8 years

My mum has her birthday on the 25th of February and I wanted to give her a gift that she could really enjoy. I decided to renovate the kitchen for her. 🎂

Inspired by renovating my bedroom, I thought that giving the kitchen a fresh new look would be a really great present (mum thinks so too). Our kitchen was looking a bit sad and sorry with; linoleum removed from the floor and bare cork style flooring, dark cupboards and slightly orange walls, it was really screaming for a redo.

Here is what I have done so far:

  • Light sanded the cork flooring
  • Painted the cork flooring (in a nice charcoal colour)
  • Applied a thick coat of gloss to the cork flooring
  • Sanded 90% of the kitchen cupboards

What’s up next:

  • Finish sanding the kitchen cupboards
  • Paint cupboards (white)
  • Paint walls (white)
  • Paint random ‘country’ tiles (white)

I am not going to lie, it is quite a large job to do, but at the same time I am only making ‘surface’ changes and not pulling out cupboards and replacing them. When I renovated my bedroom it gave me more confidence in using power tools, so picking up the sander again wasn’t that big of an issue. I am really looking forward to finishing this project, and although I won’t have it finished by her birthday, I don’t think that matters too much.

I plan to share some pictures when it’s finished. 😁

  1. What does your kitchen look like?
  2. What colours are your kitchen?
  3. Would you like to change anything about your kitchen (if you could)?

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  1. Happy early birthday to your mom! It’s so sweet of you for renovating the kitchen! I’m sure she will be really happy with the outcome. Even the littlest of changes will still make a difference!

    The kitchen at my parent’s house is pretty roomy. It has black marble top, brown cabinets, and tiled floor. At this point, the only thing I would probably change is the kitchen table. They’re still using the same one from when I was a kid and doesn’t match anything at all!

  2. My kitchen is pretty standard for the units where I live. White with brown cabinets. I can’t go crazy in mine, but if I could, I’d love a big kitchen with modern equipment, and light colors with granite counter tops. I do like that my kitchen has a serving bar, with stools, because we don’t have a dining room.

    Love the cute art to go with your reno! Good luck, can’t wait to see! 😀

  3. Happy birthday to your mum! I am sure she will love her gift. I don’t assume you can really keep it from her though, so it won’t be much of a surprise. ?

    We have cork floors too and I… kinda hate it. Our kitchen connects to our living room without any walls or doors, so the entire floor is cork. It has a funny orange-brown colour with freckles. Like a speckled banana, actually. It is interesting, but at the same time I find our entire kitchen dull. The tabletops and countertops are an apricot colour which I think is gross, and all our cupboards are old traditional brown wooden ones. It is all getting very old and my mum has talked about a renovation for ages but we have never gotten around to it. Money, and the fact that moving house might be a better investment :/ :/ 🙁

  4. My kitchen is normal and semi brand new, but it’s fine. That’s awesome that you’re able to do so much renovations for the kitchen and even your place. That’s really hard work and I’m glad it is paying off.

  5. Such a lovely gift! It’ll be like new. We’ve got a rented home, so it’s all old fashioned and we can’t change it (not that I would want to).

  6. What a great birthday present, Kya! I’m sure your mom is going to love it, regardless if you finish by her birthday or not. The cosmetic changes you are making will make a huge difference – I can’t wait to see the finished product!

    We’re still in an apartment at the moment, so we can’t make any changes to our tiny kitchen. But if I could I’d rip it all out and start over, haha. I love light colored kitchens with white cabinets, maybe gray countertops, wood floors…. But my husband likes everything darker; cherry cabinets, dark countertops… makes me claustrophobic! So we’ll see what we actually end up with in the future, haha.

  7. I’m new around here, hope you don’t mind! I don’t own currently and would love to change my kitchen around. My plan for when I do buy a house is to have a nice bright kitchen. I love to cook so plenty of counter space is essential!

  8. Wow. I know a lot of people who’s birthday is this month. I hope your mom likes her present. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

    1. What does your kitchen look like? It’s very small. There’s upper cabinets above the microwave, stove, and refrigerator. There’s two lower cabinets below the sick.
    2. What colours are your kitchen? White
    3. Would you like to change anything about your kitchen (if you could)? I’d like to paint the upper and lower cabinets. I’ll add a glass door to the upper and lower cabinets. Also, I’ll add a black stove and refrigerator. I’ll take off the ugly tiles and add wood tiles.

  9. That’s a sweet idea to renovate the kitchen for your mom! That’s something she can enjoy for a long time 🙂 Your bedroom came out so nice that I’m excited to see how the kitchen will turn out too. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

    Our kitchen has a light tile floor, light brown wood cabinets, and a dark counter top (I forgot what it’s made out of). I’m ok with the color scheme, but I wish it was bigger and had more counter space!

  10. Your refurbished kitchen sounds lovely. My kitchen at home (parent’s house) is cream – my mother’s choosing. When I’m in London it’s a cramped, cheap-as mess but hey, it’s a kitchen and for the rent I can’t complain.

    If I could change anything about my uni kitchen, it would be size. At home, nothing, but when I have my own kitchen I know I’ll be drawn to dark brown wooden cupboards / table / etc.

  11. Happy birthday to your mom. :*3

    I have a basic IKEA kitchen: plywood cabinets with light wood doors and steel handles; the floor is made by cream-colored tiles and the walls are painted in a very light beige color.

  12. That is a brilliant idea for a gift – I hope she loves and appreciates it. And Happy Birthday to your mum!

    I have a kitchen diner with very pale yellow walls, grey splashback tiles with yellow floral designs. My counters are speckled grey, I have plenty of cupboard space – all light wood doors and steel handles. I have a new tile floor put in, grey with almost yellow speckles.

  13. Good work! and Good luck on the things you haven’t done yet~! I’ve always wanted to do some kind of renovation on our house too, but I am always too lazy to start and it feels like it’s a big biiiig tedious job looming in front of me T_T
    I am going to look forward to a before-and-after photo after you finish it. 🙂

  14. My Gmama’s kitchen is old—this whole house is old, honestly—and fits into the “outdated” genre of kitchens. The counters are this off-yellow-green color, but the cabinets are this darkish wood color (and they are wood). The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are white.

    A kitchen renovation sounds like a really nice gift!

  15. Happy birthday to your mum! Revamping her kitchen sounds like a fantastic idea for a present – hope you’re getting on well with it

    My kitchen was the second room I tackled when I got my flat. It’s 90% done and I love it. The walls are a pale green, the paint shade is called ‘wellbeing’. I have light wood cupboards and faux marble counters. I have a little space-saver pine-effect table with a green and grey artificil flower arrangement in the centre.
    I still need to do the floor though – it’s got this old, sad, scuffed 70s tile but I’ve seen these awesome flooring that’s like fake slate but spongy almost like carpet but still kind of tile-y for easy cleaning

  16. Awww…. That’s so sweet of you. ;D I’m sure your mom will love her renovated kitchen! Can’t wait to see photos of the results.

    Our kitchen here at home is quite simple, but my mom and I agree that it needs to be revamped a bit too. We might have the walls painted soon. I do love how it’s so spacious though.

  17. Such a lovely thoughtful idea! My Mom would love to have a remodeled kitchen – she absolutely hates the one we have. *n* But I’ll try to describe how truly horrible that it is – picture a kitchen with only a single counter-top with space taken out for a sink done in the ugliest faux wood finish that you can imagine. Then put it on top of 70s/80s beige tile, and the most basic cabinets that you can imagine. I must also mention that the walls and the floor are the EXACT same color. We mustn’t forget the fact that this is the entry to our apartment, the laundry room, the utility room, etc. Oh, you want to know about improvements…well, since it’s public housing – they aren’t allowed. owo So basically to answer the second question – the colors in our kitchen are beige, beige, and more beige with pops of dark brown. As for what we would change, is everything a bit much? We have brightly colored art, dishes, etc. but none of it really helps much. Anyhow, best of luck with your kitchen renovation and I cannot wait to see the finished project. I know that your Mom will absolutely love it!

  18. I think it’s really sweet of you to do this for your mum! I can’t wait to see the photos of your renovation :3

    I can’t change my kitchen because we live in a rented flat, but if I could change things, I’d want more counter space! Otherwise, I haven’t really planned on what else I’d want in my kitchen, haha!

  19. We have been working on our kitchen too. The kitchen was closed off, but then we decided to put a passthrough in it, we put up a piece of wood as a shelf and then did the molding around it, but we didn’t like how that worked so I have to take that down and replace it with a cut piece that will wrap around the wall. I’m just hoping all of my measurements are as good as I think they are.

    I liked how you did your room, lots of storage and shelves, clean lines, it looks really good.

  20. It sounds like your kitchen is gonna look very clean and modern! My favorite type! When we renovated our house, our kitchen was completely remodeled but in the vintage style. We pulled out the old cupboards but we had a renovation team, not just one girl! 😛 If I had a different kitchen I would like an island in the middle for meals.

    Sounds like a lovely birthday present for your mother, happy birthday to her! Very precious to be gifted personally from a daughter. 🙂

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