Kill teh spam plz

19 years

:satisfied: I am going to Kill the Spam Bastards if it happens again 🙂 Once again Thank you Lord Voldemort I hope this time it does work 🙂 🙁

I am waiting for fanlistings and it’s killing me, Siriusly.

I have been making AVARDA’S all day.

This is kinda a weird blog, :blush:

Commenting now :satisfied: :satisfied: :satisfied:

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  1. Are you questioning the power of The Dark Lord?!

    There is an army of spam bots that seriously need to be destroyed. They suck the bad kind. 🙁 You probably already know this but AHHHHH it’s killing me too, so much! What I would do… We should have our little support group meeting.. Hooray for the Avada Avatars. ‘Ello I am Tibet :grumpy: Even though you can’t see them because Muggle artifacts do not work in a magical place such as this, I am wearing :headphones: (:O) < oh look I'm Tibet and I am so cool and emotional. Let me listen to these sad lyrics because I am such a sad boy. This IS an odd blog, but oh well it still pebbles. (At first I put it sticks pebbles, umm what?) 🙂

  2. (soon enough I shall have the homepage!)

    Siriusly. Haha.

    Yes Spam People should die. *stab, stab*

    Short and nice blog. :blush:

  3. haha… short and sweet blog, I must say! spammers? KILL THEM ALL. *throws a chair* WHERE ARE THEY?! KILL!!! AMY MADDDD. *ahem* just let me know when they show up again, okay? hehe…

  4. spammers must DIE!! gah! where’s the grenade launcher when you need it? hmm? xD dang it… i put up a new layout today! haha… i’m such a layout whore! anyway… in my opinion… the guy in the layout is an adult draco 😉 sexy!

  5. :O Spammers! They must be killed! 👿 lmao 😀 I hate them.
    Lol, weird blog indeed. :dead:
    Still loving your layout 😛

  6. My dear you should still be in bed at this time of the morning not up and about. Hope you get your fanlistings soon *major hugglez* 🙂

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