Kidults – Our Generation?

18 years

I recently read in the newspaper, an article that slammed our generation and referred to us as the kidult generation (aka Adults acting like children –18-30 year olds). In a number of ways I have to agree that the nature in which some of us live that has been stated in the article is true. I do not however agree with the ways in which they believe it is a problem with our society.

The article believes that our generation is one engulfed by Harry Potter Books, Children’s movies, IPODS, New Music, Living at Home and everything that defers from what “Adult Culture” is all about. That people would much rather play a new video game, then go out to the theatre. But this does open the question, who has the right to judge what adult culture is all about, shouldn’t the people living their own life, live by what they believe fits in best with them?

If you go over every generation of people, the lifestyles of adults has changed and shifted between the years. From the elegant 30s to the punked up 80s, Adult Culture has not remained a set of guidelines that everyone is sworn to follow! If those that now reside in this era have moved into a phase of technology and where their minds are enchanted by the child like beauty of the world, how then is this a problem?

I do not see the harm with people staying young at heart. What can it hurt to hold onto what some people may have as happy memories. I have never wanted to grow up, and will probably always still keep some of my childish nature. Because it makes you see the world in an open mind, something that many people believe they have to close off and shut down, when in fact if you keep this, you keep a youth and spark of life alive, within yourself.

People always want to label everything! Colour, race, religion and just fellow man in general. We already have enough troubles trying to find who we are without knowing that the lifestyle we are living is under the microscope, let us live, and in life let us learn!

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  1. I totally agree with you and I can’t believe the person that wrote the article. I’m sure he is much older and isn’t living in our ‘generation’, so I don’t think he can judge.

    Well, considering we are living in a Kidult world, I wonder why our technology and medical researched has increased so much. Certainly no ‘kid’ is responsible for that. I am very proud of my generation. Even though I agree that responsibilities and problems kids faced back then, has drastically changed and caused some immaturity these days.

  2. Well, I’d rather stay young than grow old too fast 😉 – but I know perfectly well what you mean. I know a bunch of people here, and when I first met them I was astonished at how “old” they are for their age of ~27-32. It’s their interests mainly. I know other people who are still “young” at the same age – those enjoy parties, headbanging, live for music, like HP, all kinds of stuff like that… But there’s also a huge difference in the apperance – the “old” ones look older, and the “young” ones younger, though if you’d have to guess their age, you would guess the age of both groups with around 30. It’s kinda funny 😉

  3. Well things have changed too because since children grow up a certain way as in thier parents don’t let them go out and buy them games to keep them safe in thier home, they’d be used to this and adapt to this because this is how they were brought up. But that’s true though. I mean things do change generation after generation and they should not be contradicting the way things are because everything does change and evolve from what once was.

    Things don’t stay the same and seriously people need to start to realize that. Perhaps it’s a good thing that everyone of us has some childish ways left in us, but you should know how to be mature in situations as well. I’d hate to have someone that is so serious and mature, I mean how would I be able to laugh and be stupid? It’s all part of life, and being young at heart, there indeed is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  4. You are absolutely right. I agree, people don’t seem to understand what you stated “…it makes you see the world in an open mind, something that many people believe they have to close off and shut down, when in fact if you keep this, you keep a youth and spark of life alive, within yourself…”.

    I wonder if people where thinking this same ignorant idea of a kidadult world 30-40 years ago?

    ++I love your site, it looks awesome!

  5. Well, I can see where you’re coming from but my opinion is pretty different than yours.

    I’ll be honest and say that most of our generation pisses me off and that I pretty much agree with that article. Maybe I’m being biased from what I’ve seen. I’m sorry if that offends you. It’s just my opinion. But it’s not right to say that everyone falls into that stereotype because even if it may seem like that, it is not the case. I don’t necessarily think some of those things are “childish”, though. Most people I know do live at home with their parents, myself included, as you know. Not only is it convenient but it is a lot less expensive. Finding an affordable place to live nowadays is tough. I say as long as the “kidult” is contributing to the functioning of a household then that should be all that matters as far as them still living with their parents goes. Some “kidults” just sit around all day, doing nothing but racking up bills. Now that’s not right. We all have different circumstances and lives and sometimes things may seem to be one way when in reality it is not that way at all.

    It all depends on the person.

    I do find it upsetting that it seems most people now-a-days focus only on material goods and do not seem to have a clear understanding of hard work nor an appreciation for it. That is one of the biggest things that upsets me.

    And I don’t see anything wrong with being child-like or having child-like qualities but being childish is not, in my opinion, a good thing to be. You never have to give up your child-like qualities even if you physically grow up. Why do you think grown men always laugh at farts?

    Oh gosh, I can see I’m entering the crack zone. Adios, muchacha!

    P.S. I seriously hope I didn’t offend you. I mean none. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!

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