January 2018

January 2018

6 years

The first month of 2018 has come to an end and it’s time to reflect on my January 2018. January was a month of creative challenges and exploration. I battled art-block and found the inspiration to practice character sketches and capture macro photographs.

📚 Book Update

Progress on my third children’s book has been slow. I have reached the illustration stage and found I had a lot of difficulties getting the style right. I think part of the problem (besides the art-block) is the fact I have high expectations of what I should create. It’s because I care deeply about the book and want it to be ‘perfect‘. The truth is perfection is unattainable. I can only create the best I can at this stage of my creative journey. 😊

🎨📷 Creative Pursuits

While I did have art-block in creating digital art for my book, I found the inspiration for sketching and photography. It was an enjoyable exercise to try different mediums and approach creativity from various avenues.

I had plans to take photographs of the super blue blood moon. However, there was substantial cloud cover, and the moon was not visible. 😭

🧠 Mental Health

My mental health suffered a blow in January 2018 when I fell into art-block. I found that my confidence was very low and I had so much doubt in my abilities. I have slowly been gaining momentum and trying to remind myself that’s it’s okay, and I am capable of creating my new book. It may just take some more time, and that’s cool. 😎

☁️ Other News

  • I have new glasses! 👓
  • What I thought was facial dermatitis or eczema, turned out to be rosacea. It’s a skin condition that created redness on my nose and face. It has been quite embarrassing for several years. Thankfully I was given a new cream to use, and it has been helping.
  • I have some exciting news happening in February… 🐶

💬 Questions

  1. What did you do in January 2018?
  2. Have any plans for February?
  3. Have you ever had a skin condition?

17 Responses

  1. Hey, Kassy!

    I actually suffer from mild psoriasis. It’s on the back of my head, and you can’t see it unless I cut my hair really short. I avoid haircuts when it’s bad. Suffering from a skin condition is awful; I completely understand you! I’m glad you’re getting relief with yours!

    I’m glad you’re on the up and up from your art block. Even if you get blocked again, I think you’re where you need to be mentally for it. It’s okay!

  2. 1. I got a new tattoo! and tried to sleep a bit more.
    2. I think there’s a lot of stuff happening in February in terms of work for me. I’ve been working on a lot of TV ads (which I hope is coming out in March).
    3. Not me, but my brother had eczema.

    I think art blocks always happen. What I do is always go away for a while and not work on anything else and come back fresh 🙂

  3. Even though you had art-block, I’m glad you managed to channel your creativeness in other ways!

    I’m sorry to hear about that your mental health took a blow, but girl I know you got this! Keep pushing through, keep being creative, keep being a queen <3

    Looking forward to hearing about your news!

    January had its ups and downs, but I'm glad it's over. I don't have any concrete plans for February – I just know I need to get more of my novel done, so will need to schedule that in. And yes! I actually have eczema, which has been nightmare but at the moment it's under control (which is a rarity, haha)!

  4. I’m sorry the book is going slower than you want it to but that’s okay. You’re going to get it done at your own creative pace and it will be beautifully done. I believe in you <3.

    I've loved seeing your sketches and photos on Instagram. I'm a little obsess at the mo' with bees and you recently posted a picture of one on your macro blog post and it made me swoon, lol.

  5. My January was very chectic! But now I will try to relax a little bit in February.
    And yeah, I also have a skin condition, I think it’s alergy as it comes and goes. But I also have a cream for it and it’s okay for now. 🙂 xx

  6. Despite having an art-block last month, you tried different things to pull yourself back up! Hope you’ll keep the ball rolling strong with your book this month!

  7. Art blocks can be frustrating 🙁 it’s okay to go on your own pace and to take your time if you really need to. You will surely get through it!
    My January felt slow. But I think it’s because I’ve been (impatiently lol) looking forward very much to February, because I’ll be traveling with my family!

  8. I love the attitude you’ve taken re art block. I have it all the time with my own creative pursuits and related (tech/degree etc.) It sucks and does take a blow at your confidence but I’m so glad that you’re not giving up instead you’re fighting it and continuing. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT. You can do it Kassy!!

    I’m so excited about the news in Feb, I’m seriously jsfsjkwek over that emoji. IS THAT A CLUE? XD

    I’ve suffered from acne and continue to have scars from my years of acne but I’m getting so much better at accepting it and treating myself with care. ^_^

  9. Aw, any kind of blocks can be horrible. Good for you for trying to overcome it! YOU CAN DO IT! *shakes fist*

    Yeah we couldn’t see the moon here really either…bummer.

    Yay for glasses! Getting new glasses is fun!

    And what kind of news? IS IT DOG RELATED?!

  10. I can’t wait to hear your February news! If it’s a new furry friend… I NEED PICS!
    And I’m glad that you’ve given yourself the space to let your creativity flow naturally. Don’t be hard on yourself! You’re doing amazing things as it is!
    I get annoying breaks outs sometimes, but honestly as time as gone on, I’ve worried less about it. And I find that when I eat clean, my breakouts almost never happen. Diet is huge in skin condition!
    January flew by in a flash, but it was a great month and I’m excited for the rest of the year! February is crazy as a teacher with conferences and report cards, but you just gotta keep on going. Let’s get it!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

  11. Hope you get back into the swing of creating things soon. Creative things take time, and if it’s not working then sometimes a break can really help. Hopefully you feel better about it soon!

    Sorry to hear about your mental health. You are definitely capable of creating your book, and I’m sure it will be amazing! You can do it!

    I’ve actually had quite a good January, which is surprising, considering it’s usually a difficult month. I mainly spent my time reading though, which probably made it go a lot faster!

    Hope February goes well for you!

  12. Sorry to hear that your mental health suffered in January because of the art block 🙁 I’m glad that you’re slowly getting back into your groove and that it inspired you to do other creative things. It’s ok to take your time! Better to do things at your own pace than feel pressured to finish quicker! I’m also curious about the exciting news!

    I feel like I didn’t do much in January, but I guess looking back, I did manage to buy a new car and finish a painting. The only thing I really have planned for February is to take part in “Fill-a-Page” February!

  13. I love getting a new pair of glasses. I feel pretty 😀

    I cannot say I’ve had anything worse than acne, but I do deal a lot with dry skin because of where I live (very dry in the winter). So I usually have to be careful of how much I wash and what I lotion with.. there’s very few things I can use to do just those things because of allergies. I tried going organic with my products and those cleansers that uses apples as a base makes me turn really red and my skin feels like its on fire. Oh the things you learn when you experiment!

    I hope February is a good month for you and you make more progress in those things that are important to you <3

  14. Good luck with the book! Art block can be a NIGHTMARE and I hope you get through it soon. Looking forward to your news in February though! Also doodles and sketches are some of the best ways to get over art block. When I had really bad art block in the fall that’s what I did, was just sit down with my sketchbook and charcoal stick, which forced me to draw big and clumsily, and play around. It really helped not fretting over how “perfect” the final piece was going to be!

    Cheers to February. I bet we all can’t wait to leave January behind!

  15. I hope you get your art boost pretty soon.

    January was pretty much the same for me. Nothing new. Though I am excited for this month since it’s my birthday month. My close friends and I will be spending a week on an island here in our country. One of the best beaches in the world, I must say. I haven’t had my skin checked but I might have a skin condition I haven’t known yet.

  16. Best of luck with your book. I’m sorry to hear about your art block, but as you said, at least you could exercise your creativity with your wonderful photography. I’m sure you will succeed creating your artwork soon. I’m also sorry to hear your mental health suffered as a result, but congratulations on being able to overcome it and picking yourself back up. You’re right, you are more than capable of creating your book and much more, masterpieces don’t happen overnight =]

  17. Hopefully you get around the art block soon so you can progress with your children’s book ☺️ I’m glad you have acknowledged that you can’t achieve “perfect” and that you can only do the best you can. Everyone definitely will have different expectations but that shouldn’t affect their perception of what you create – otherwise that is really judgmental!

    I’m sorry to hear about the rosacea but also glad you’re able to treat it, now that you know for sure what the condition is. 🙂 To answer your question, I haven’t had a skin condition myself.

    I think January went by so fast! I got back into a gym routine and went rock climbing once, I was kept really busy at work and did a lot of cleaning at home. 😆 I saw Foo Fighters in concert. I don’t think there was anything else that was major. February has been a really busy month for me so far as well.

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