It’s My Sharona, ok?

18 years

Wow, thank you for all 94 comments. Alot of them were… interesting 😉 I thought I better blog since I am trying to keep some flow with it, and it can be fun.

Well the main thing going on in my life at the moment are my pop who is sick and my application for the Physical Fanlisting Network, yep you heard right. The whole network went up for adoption and I applied, with Nicole. Applications close on 17th March, so untill then I will be biting my nails, alot! *pokes Prenty* 😉

Going shopping tommorow, fun! 😀

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  1. Congrats on the 94 commments. That’s an impressive record.

    I hope that your Pop gets well soon. *hugs*

    Oooooh. I hope you and Nicole get the Physical Fanlisting Network. You’d just do fantastically with it. *crosses fingers*

  2. Hey Kya…
    yeah, some of those 94 comments were really… strange.
    thanks for your help because of the problem… Again, I’m sorry.
    Have much fun shopping!


  3. I hope you have fun shopping tomorrow 🙂 Shopping is always fun. I am sure you’re going to get some CDs huh? 😛 Haha

  4. Did you read and comment to all 94? I can barely get through the five I recieve.. haha. Just kidding-I’m just lazy.

    But good luck with the fanlisting!! I need to go shopping too… humph.

  5. wow, you got 97 comments? 😐 I must say I envy you, yet though I don’t know how you managed to read them all! I have never reached 20 🙁 How do you do that? *shakes head* Oh, I just realized something about you the other day 🙂 tihihihihih 😀

    Yay *keeps fingers crossed about Physical Fanlisting* 😉 hehe!
    Hope your pop is getting better 🙂
    Loove yoooooool xoxx

  7. Yes yes, I do hop your pop gets better!! *hugs*

    The PFLN! I sent in an email as well, telling Prenty that I would be able to help whoever got it, many good lucks!!

    Ooo…shopping! Sounds like fun!! :D:D:D

  8. *snuggle-squish* I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa, lovie. Here’s hoping for the best, though 🙂 I looooove you!!! :D:D:D:D:

    GOOOO TEAM KYA/NICOLE!!! *waves pompoms + cartwheel* If only I could actually do such a stunt…



  9. I almost commented as Severus Snape lol who new he’d mastered the internet 😉 wow 94 eh 😀 haha thats so cute 😀

    Awww I’m sorry to hear your pop is still i’ll *huggle* I hope he gets better soon!!

    And good luck to you and Nicole for the listing!! 😀 I’m biting my nails too lol

    *sigh* I love shopping, I think you should buy some CD’s 😀 can never have to many CD’s hahaha

    Oooo I’m sending a certain someones certain something tomorrow, In a boot box lol But I dont’t think the certian something will arive on the certain someones sepcialist of special day, but it doesn mean that certain special someone will have a certian special something they can look forward too and whipe of their wishlist 😉

    *snuggle* xx

  10. Hey, I thought I left you a comment on this post already? I guess not. Hmmm… but hey, 94 comments is 94 comments, whether “interesting” or not, hahaha! ^___^ I love you, Kya! I appreciate how you always actually read my posts and comment. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Good luck on those fanlistings, huh? I’ll be rooting for you! How do you find time to run so many domains? Must be superhuman powers involved…

  11. Well, I hope you get the fanlisting adopted. That could be fun! Everyone has been getting sick lately. I don’t know what is up with it. I hope we can just all get better soon. Being sick sucks. I hope your pop gets better soon! 94 comments??? Wow. I get like -8 – lol.

  12. 94 comments! OMG, wow! LOL That is a lot!!! Some of them really freaked me out though. :S Yes, blogging can be fun. 🙂

    I’m sorry about your Pop, Kya. 🙁

    Eeek. The 17th. :O That’s pretty soon, but I feel the excitement and nervousness wanting to take over a bit. :O

    Hopefully you had some fun at the stores.

    If you ever need me, just holler atchyo girl.

    Oh, yes, that reminds me. I really must be starting that secret, not evil at all, project. 😀

  13. 94 comments? woah! woah woah woah!

    heh. the colours in this layout remind me of telecom in NZ. =P

    anyhoo good luck for that fanlisting thing! i’m crossing my fingers for you!

  14. Aww thanks Kya for all your help! Did you write “You rock!” under the title of the blog? I thought that was so sweet when I saw it! 😀 Thanks for everything!

  15. pop means dad no, or does it mean granddad.. heh, i dont really know. either way, i hope he gets better soon. *hugz*

    good luck with the fanlisting thingy.. 😀

    & oh.. i doubt the ITB that i talked in my blog is the same that you’re talking about. heheh. 😛 but either way thanx for the luck. 🙂

    take care kya. 🙂

  16. aww hopre your pop gets better soon,
    and good luck with that fanlisting network

    shopping is lotsa fun 🙂 hope you got some cool stuff

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