19 years

I would like to thank everyone that commented on my last Entry. I am glad that I could write my own feelings in such a way that could make everyone else reflect on that issue and voice their own opinion it was so very interesting to read each and everyone of them, so thank you 🙂

It’s weird how we can never really understand each others lives. We know what ours is like how it works and may be able to think of another persons off that idea. For me my life is very quite and I don’t have that much contact with people. For example I spent 24 hours a day in the house, doing school at home. Perhaps once every two weeks I may go shopping or see some family. My whole social world reflects mainly around the internet. Now I am not saying their is anything wrong with that, because at one stage of my life I lived at home by myself and it was the only form of communication I really had with the world. Fortunetly I now have my mum here with me, we are the best of friends and I am greatful for that because I love her.

Now you may be thinking why am I writing all this, because I want to give insight into my life the way it’s lived and also to myself. Because I know it will change and I can look back and think how I was then. If you would like to please tell me about your life and how you live it 🙂

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  1. Hi Kya!
    Yay first to comment hehe :heart:

    I spent my life on the internet too, I cant belive u do too, ur lifestyle is the sAME a mine, I cant belive it :down: family probs…

    I have a nice family which I spend my life with and i mostly do studies too,

    Sorry for writing all, this, but i couldnt help it

    I dont go out, im an insider, only have few relatives here, n I havent visited them for bout 2 yrs :grumpy: :heart:

  2. I suppose mine is kind of like yours. I don’t go out really at all. Only when necessary. It?s nice sometimes to say, go out to dinner or something. Some shopping is okay. I love shopping for my Pets. The malls are icky though. I was taken out of school and put on homebound. I have a tutor, provided by the school, that comes once every week. I?ve never been happier. I?m kind of self taught though and I like it that way. It?s really the only way I ever learn. I guess my life is a bit unorthodox compared to most. I don?t do, nor want to do the things that most people do at my age. So a lot of my time is spent with my dad and sister (I try to avoid my mom), and my pets. I also do a lot of work (school, pets, etc.) and reading and watching television/movies. I also love computers too. 😛

    Thanks for sharing your daily life with us. I?m glad you are so close with your mom. 🙂 Why were you living by yourself anyway, if you don?t mind me asking, did you move out? Everyone lives differently, some people expect everyone does similar things, but that?s not always true. You never really know how someone else?s life is because you?re not living it. I?ve had quite a bit of experience with the last sentence.

  3. Well I live my life the way it is put out for me really. I just live it. I go to school, come home, homework, talk to people. I don’t know how to really explain my life…=/ I guess the only way you could actually find out about my life is if you read my blogs lol ^.^

  4. May I suggest a change of the border color of the textarea/input? Anyway.

    Eh. yeah, we know our lives best because we live it every single day. We rarely get to walk in other people’s shoes and if we do, it’s pretty rare & isn’t very close to what they are going through. I’m online very often too and I abhor it. I honestly do and I would rather be out & about doing everything else than this.

  5. Thanks for giving everyone an insight into your life. It’s a really nice thing to see how different they really are.

    Most of my days involve getting up early to travel to uni. When I get home I work a bit and just relax. I usually work a few days a week which gets me out of the house. Other than that I don’t go out very much either.

  6. I understand what you totally mean. I’m always home on the internet. I don’t like hanging out with people at all…call me Anti-Social..I guess..but I understand exactly what you mean! In the end, if youre happy with’ll be okay! 🙂

  7. My life is SCHOOL, tv, internet (chat &surf), sleep and eat during weekdays! cos my school is mean! but i do get to go out on weekedns! (:I love my mom too! (actually i love my family) lol.. glad u have ur mom! mommys rock! (:

  8. Kya my darling. I love the way that you write what you feel, & how you are so considerate to everyone else. I admire that so much. 🙂 :heart: Thank you for your words of kindness. You’ve really cheered me up with your comment. Lots of love. xo <333 ♥

  9. well, my life is preddie normal … very routine mostly since my parents dont really lemme go out much … i have friends but like i said, im not allowed to go out =[

    i often wonder when will i ever get my freedom … =[

    hey i love your layout ! i love the colors .. the banner somehow reminds me of the movie " a series of unfortunate events " lol but s’all good ;] Rock On n tC [=

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