“Isn’t it funny? You hear a phone ring and it could be anybody. But, a ringing phone has to be answered doesn’t it?” – Phone Booth

19 years

I don’t really know why I am blooging but I felt the need too. I got regected to run the Donald Sutherland Fanlisting, nevermind I am sure the person who did get it does deserve it :blush:

Not really looking forward to Monday, stupid Exams they suck. Hah, I got a letter from the people who ripped me off with one of my domains saying that for $80AUD a year I could have just an email to match my domain. They are stupid, I hope they choke 🙂

I ended up closing my domains; magick-me.org and joy-luck.org. Why? Because I had grown over them really. Magick-me was my first ever domain and I had, had it for neally two years and it was due to exspire in December anyway, it had hardly any features ect ect. joy-luck, I was over it.

Oh Yeah, mum went to town yesterday and her car broke down, she was on the side of the road all day because the person she rang to report the brake down, did not ring the tow truck company. She had my nanna with her. They had no food and drinks and were in the middle of the bush. I hate people who don’t care, she rang up and compained today. I would have sworn that the bastards :angry:

A Lee Update 😛 He is in the final 7 now and will be seeing Eye of the tiger, much love to that. Ok that is it, off to comment land.

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  1. Hey Kya,

    That stinks about your Mom! I would be really mad if it were me!

    And bad luck about the fanlisting, but good for you, for taking it so well 😀

    xox . mary . xox

  2. Sorry to hear you got rejected for the FL. Omg, those people are really stupid. Like you’re going to spend so much money on just a email when you most of the time get them for free with your hosting package?! 😛 Your mom must have been pretty annoyed that day.. That guy should’ve been fired for not doing his job. :

  3. Hey Kya ^^
    I hope the people who sent you that letter choke too >=(
    …and the person/people who didn’t help your mom and nanna. I think that it’s really rude for people to be that careless.
    Have a good weekend && take care! < 333333

  4. awww sorry to hear that you didnt get the fanlisting hun! xx

    grrrr a the evil domain people! who do they think they are chargin thank kind of money and for something that comes with your domain name!

    Good luck with the exams! i’m sure you’ll do fine and stuff. i think exams are evil, i have some in december it’ll be really good if i pass cause i am crap at exams! i’m sure you’ll do great though 😀

    aww bye bye kyas old domains, was magic me a harry potter link? hehe it sounds cute 🙂

    :O they were in the bush all day! so not right! your poor mum and nanna how could that idiot not call the truck poeple! grrrrrrrr what a retard, i hate poeple who are like that its like hello get with the job dude! It must have been really hot as well :S


  5. Maaan that sucks about your mom and your nanna! Hmph those people are mean to not do anything. I hope she yelled at them well enough. If I was her though I would be cussing. Lol

    Eeep one domain just for you left 😛 And sorry you got rejected 😛 😮

  6. Wow, you understood exactly how I felt. Even when I try, I feel myself falling asleep and struggle to stay awake, or struggle to comprehend what they’re teaching, but it’s so difficult, and I end up failing. I’m falling into such a rut. -_-

    Anyway, I’m sad to hear you closed your two domains. Joy-luck.org sounds like a cute one. That letter sounds so stupid. Yet another reason I shall never own a domain. =D That sucks about how your mom didn’t get any help. What kind of service do people run these days? Gosh. They do an incredibly lousy job… if you’d even call it that.

  7. Awl, I am sorry about you getting rejected Kya. It seems like you are practicing self control now? I know that smiley, you can?t fool me! You evil little?. Erm, lovely person you. 😀 Ahh Kya, well good luck with your exams. Remember the dirty deeds okay? THEY will be with you. One e-mail address, wow these people are so generous, what a deal man. Nah seriously, I think we?re going to have to bring out the fricking sharks with the fricking laser beams on the their fricking heads for those idiots. Maybe we could get Tod and Rod to hump their legs too? Har har har. 😀 Well Magick-me.org was awesome and it is sad especially since it was your first domain, but it just wasn?t worth the hassle, and I don?t blame you at all for moving on. Good for your mom for complaining. I hope the bastard gets fired. Bring on the flames wiatches! There is no excuse for the guy not doing his job. The way you describe it sounds like he was just careless and uncaring, fricking idiot will get what?s coming to him. I am sorry your mom and Nana had to go through that whole ordeal but thank goodness it wasn?t any worse. 🙁 Hooray for Lee! Wooo, you must be thrilled. 😀 7 is a good number, but I love six more so come on Lee! 😀 Now it?s off to entry land. 😮

  8. Hey Kya, this is Velasco we are chatting now.

    Anyways, to the person who sent you the letter, I hope they choke too.
    And to the person who don’t care, same goes.
    What is happening to the world?
    People no longer cares for others, GOSH!

  9. Good luck on the upcoming exams.
    Uncaring bastards, people who rip suck.

    Anyway, rest in peace mm.org and jl.org.
    They were loved. :heart:

  10. Those stupid people at the tow-trunk company; I hope they get fired. :angry:
    Hah, stupid domain rip-offs. Such losers. 😛 My science teacher enjoys resending the letters back if they’re the prepaid kind. You don’t have to pay for postage, and they get charged extra. They deserve it. =)

    Take care.

  11. Your poor Mum and Nanna! I would slaughter them if they did that to me! Was it the NRMA? Curse them!!

    I can’t wait for tonight!! Lee is gonna kick arse!

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