In the midnight hour, more more more

14 years

I am kind of bummed. I didn’t end up seeing Poppy today and I really wanted to. I spent 98% of the day working on the tasks I had to and I still haven’t finished. I don’t have a lot of time left (about 9 hours) but I should be able to get this finished with time to sleep and escape zombisim. :0 I set a time limit for myself on each topic, but I find myself getting so lost in them even when I don’t think I will and it takes me literally hours over the time I had set, grr.

Once I do have this finished I promise I will finish doing everything I need to on Bubble.

*runs back*


(Not exactly an interesting topic to share, but at least I am regularly sharing useless information this year, yay!)

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  1. Waaaah, your website is so cute!!!
    And gosh, I hope you didn’t go into zombisim…>.> I think I did that today, I fell asleep in a chair at school.
    – Cupcake-smiles, Alice

    1. @Alice, hahaha thank you! I am hoping I don’t turn into a zombie, that could end badly. :O Man, that is really no good, hopefully you didn’t get busted sleeping? :S

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