In the Eyes of a Child

18 years

Thank you very much to everyone for the comments. I feel slightly annoyed that my last posts haven’t really focussed on anything that has real meaning or purpose, they have only skimmed over a rough draft of life and not looked at deeper issues that I do think about, so I thought for a change I would actually write something that did matter.

It is quite strange how life changes, one moment you are young and the next you are given the label of being an adult and said that responsibilities are now yours to look after and deal with. You would think it would be a change that happened smoothly and over time, but for me it seems like a wake up call and a step back into reality. But why should we really have to change our way of thinking, is acting childish and keeping a few happy memories or ways we live really that bad?

I don’t think it is, because you have to be happy. Having a childish mind doesn’t make you stupid or any less of a person it keeps you young at heart and age becomes not an order you must follow but just a number like the many others that live in the world, all calculating and subtracting each other.

Sometimes you can’t be afraid to think differently to others, to challenge the thoughts of those we have around us, but in a respectful way. To look at the world in a different light and imagine how, why and when. If you can search deep down and find your inner child, in a place of happiness and strength, then you may just be able to see things a little brighter.

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  1. I agree with everything! I hate the responsibility I have right now,it’s just a huge burden. But at some points in my life I find the time to relieve of all my stress and just release my inner child,you know?

  2. Ohh nice new layout. Age to me is nothing but a number, but you should be able to take a little responsibility in life. It’s not like your mother or someone dear to you is going to be there holding your hand every step of the way. *nods* And some changes are for the better. You just have to figure out which ones.

  3. ok first of all – cool theme/layout! I love it 🙂 (!!!) Being “childish” is being alive, when you lose that you’re dead. But it’s true they don’t let us transfer easily from being a child/youth to being an adult with too many things to cope with at the same time. I know it sucks but you’ll find the way thorugh it 😉 🙂

  4. I definitely prefer being an adult to when I was a child – I would never ever go back, the thought terrifies me but I’m certainly young and heart and indulge my ‘inner child’ as often as needs be.
    I guess its all about finding a balance and acting in a manner suitable for the situation you’re in – no-one can say ‘now that you are x number of years old, you have to act like this and this’

  5. I can relate to that being in such a situation. I’m sure we all go through it, some finding it easier, others may not. It wasn’t easy for me or so I think. Where people expects you to become more dependable and responsible as you grow, I run the opposite way. I become more irresponsible and unreliable.Sad to say but enough of me.
    I agree with what you say. I agree we should retain some of our childeness. I wonder again how would one define childish? It would vary for all of us, nya.
    I suppose the idea is to retain what is good childishness and change for the better the bad childishness qualities.
    Sometimes I think, having a child’s mind would be rather blissful. We would be mostly happy.
    The last line is simply beautiful that I can’t help but quote it, ” If you can search deep down and find your inner child, in a place of happiness and strength, then you may just be able to see things a little brighter.”
    Hope reality gets better for you dear, nya.
    Love you. *hearts*

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