In the deep now.

18 years

Thanks for all the comments about the new theme, they are greatly appreciated. Speaking of themes, I have been working on some for the past few days, and I can say I will be happy not to work on them for a while. (not for this site, another one)

My inbox is full of things I have to do, with internet things and writing competitions I have to enter. One I really need to start working on, it’s a short story comp for people who live in regional areas, so I will of course give it a shot. Nothing to loose at all. πŸ™‚

I went to bed at 8am yesterday, I need go to bed at a better time tonight. Even if its already 12am, woops! – I blame Nicole! πŸ˜€

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  1. Oohh haha well you better get off and go sleep! And 8am wow 😐 lol that is waking up without going to sleep in the first place LOL o.0 if that works?

    Ahh so you’re keeping busy then. I guess that is always good πŸ˜‰ better than sitting around all day and gaining weight eh? Lol *me*

  2. I wish you all the luck with the competition you plan on entering!! Short story competitions are fun, but I’m really bad at stories. But hey! try it, you never know, you’ll probably win.

  3. I probably have not been here for a while. OK, I have not. xD Sounds like everything is going wonderfully thoug, and I love the layout on here and at Gypsy-Heart. Have a good day!

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