I’m thankful for…

9 years

Number 13 on my 30 before 30 was to create an appreciation list of all the things I am thankful for.

When you really begin to think of the things you have, there is a lot to be thankful for. For a basic example; internet, a computer, phone or tablet, a home, food to eat, water to drink, family, friends, clothing, education, work and endless small and large things in between. We all have unique circumstances and may not have the exact same things or living environment as other people. These differences are what make the things in your life to appreciate, personal to you. I think it’s a positive exercise to focus on the things in your life that are good and to appreciate them.

This is my list of 25 things that I appreciate in my life and I am thankful for.

  1. ?‍?‍? Family
    My mum and dad are wonderfully kind people and I am so lucky to have them. They put up with and are understanding of my crazy brains which I know wouldn’t be easy. We have been through some very difficult times, with my dad having cancer twice, loosing my grandparents and the impacts of mental illness. I like to think that we are a strong family unit and I can trust them completely.
  2. ? Home
    Although I live with my parents and don’t have my ‘own home’ I feel very comfortable and welcome. I am lucky to be able to have this home where I can renovate my bedroom and make a space for myself.
  3. ? Animals
    My animals are apart of my family, each having a unique personality and ability to bring character and joy into my life.
  4. ? Friends
    My friends are awesome. So awesome their awesomeness is off the awesome scale. Thank you, awesomely.
  5. ? Support
    My family and friends are very understanding and have helped me in so many ways. I also have a support network that has currently helped me to find a level of stability and be able to focus on the future, through study.
  6. ?? Location
    Australia is my home and I am glad that I live here. Not only can I have support with my health, but I can also study and access services that are important. I live in a small community in country New South Wales and I love the peaceful tranquility of country life.
  7. ? Education
    Expanding my horizons and being able to learn about something that I love (design) is a wonderful experience. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to study and the ability to cope. So I might not be able to study full time, but I am doing what I can and developing more confidence in my abilities.
  8. ? Doctor
    There have been times when my doctor hasn’t been on the same page, but even so I am thankful that I have found someone who has been able to assist me and provide support.
  9. ? Internet
    I have complained of having bad internet, but I can’t imagine life without it. I have been able to connect with so many people around the world, express myself through design and now access education. It has really become a major part of my daily life.
  10. ? Words
    So I might not be the best communicator and get a bit fumbled with my words sometimes, but I am thankful that I can use words as a way to express and create. Growing up, words became a means of interaction with other people, especially in the ‘Internet Age’. When sharing my words with other, I like to think that I am sharing them in a good way and for the right reasons.
  11. ? Photography
    In recent years photography has become a part of my life that is special. I wouldn’t call myself a professional, I just love the whole process. Having a subject, adjusting settings, picking angels, taking shots (*click*), reviewing photos, downloading, selecting, editing, uploading, sharing. It doesn’t just have to be photography with my DSLR, through Instagram I also enjoy mobile photography.
  12. ? Books
    So many magical worlds to escape into, so many characters to love and hate. Reading books is like watching movies, but you are within that universe on a much more personal level. When you a reading a book that you absolutely love, you never want it to end.
  13. ? Design
    There are so many levels of design, it could be easy to say that I appreciate it in all forms, and I do in many ways, but I don’t think I yet understand them all (study is helping with that).
  14. ? ? Computer/Gadgets
    My iMac, iPhone and iPad are my gadgets that I use daily. So, I might be an iFreak, but using Apple products are those that I am familiar with and enjoy. I recently upgraded to a new iMac which has been such a great beast. When I am using a lot of different design programs my old Mac Book would have a hard struggle. I don’t get gadgets for the sake of it, I use them for as long as they serve a purpose and are than shared with family.
  15. ? Digital Art
    I have such a great and developing love for creating digital art. Adobe Illustrator is often open where I am doodling different ideas or making digital gifts for friends. It’s not just about making digital art myself, I love browsing works that other people have created. Specifically DeviantArt has become a community that I frequent.
  16. ?Movies
    I watch a lot of movies. Ever since I was a child it has always been a tradition that mum and I watch movies together. Paired with those positive memories, I continue to watch them. A lot of them. In the past we would always buy DVDs, but now with the internet watching and renting them online is so much easier. My favourite genres are; animation, thriller, science-fiction, horror, comedy and action. When you watch a movie that has been created well, it is a great experience.
  17. ? Websites
    I can’t imagine myself in a world that I used the internet just to look at emails and be apart of social media. Maybe this is because I logged on prior to the creation of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Creating websites has always been tied into using the internet for me and I see it as continuing to be apart of my life for as long as possible.
  18. ? Television
    Many years ago I hardly watched much TV. Now, there are so many shows that I like. Breaking Bad is currently my favourite series of all time and at the moment I am watching: American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Mr Robot, Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul and a number of others that catch my interest.
  19. ? Games
    One of the first ever computer games that I played was Doom. Games have come a long way since those days. One of my favourite games that I have played in the last few years has been Beyond: Two Souls. I also have a terrible Candy Crush addiction and accidentally forced my mum into one as well. Sorry. Oh yeah and I like enticing cats into my garden, hehehe.
  20. ? Blogging
    It’s hard to believe that I have been blogging since around 2002/2003. Blogging has taught me so much. It has enabled me to meet many interesting people, to improve my patience with words (aha, still improving) and has been a positive place to share my thoughts and opinions.
  21. ⚡️ Harry Potter
    I am thankful for Harry Potter for the fantastic literary adventure that gave me many of my favourite characters, but also because it gave me many of my dearest friends. We shared many years of fandom, role-plays, crazyness and bonding within the universe of Harry Potter. I’m not the same fan of the series I once was, but it has a special place in my heart. Fantastic Beats and where to find them looks (film) looks like it will be awesome. 😀
  22. ? Fanlistings
    I began creating fanlistings in 2003 or 2004 and they were the starting point of my interest in website design. Without them I don’t think I would have continued to make websites. They also taught me to look at coding and understand the basics of PHP (remember Enthusiast includes?) which later became a way that I could understand WordPress.
  23. ? Domains
    Domains might seem like a weird thing to be thankful for, but they have brought me a lot of joy over the years. I have owned over 200 of them for different things, and each one has had a different impact on my life.
  24. ? Kawaii
    I love Kawaii culture. Everything cute, happy and positive. I have found that so many people within that environment are really nice people and are not judgemental of others.
  25. ?Toys
    Toys are magical. They are created for imagination and play. How can you not admire something that has a sole purpose to be used in such a positive and beautiful way. I like to collect cute plush toys, Disney Tsum Tsums, Pusheen and anything that really makes me smile.

1. What is something you’re thankful for?
2. Do you have an appreciation post? (If you do link me too it)
3. If your ‘main appreciation’ was removed from your life, how would it change the way you lived?

19 Responses

  1. I’m most thankful for my health and support network that allowed me to get this far after my illnesses. 🙂 Without modern medicine, my family’s ability to pay for the crazy $$$ that goes into American health care, and being allowed to “baby step” my way back into the world, I wouldn’t be anywhere near here… Love your list. Family, animals, doctors, and home are all such important things. ^_^
    I also did a “thankfulness” post a few weeks ago, but mine focused more on one thing, rather than make a list (though I do make the lists at least once a year in a journal!): http://twistedpaths.org/2015/12/06/brain-surgery-journey/
    It might be interesting to write a thankfulness post every year and compare them year to year!

    1. Thank you. ?You have been on a really big journey and I think your perspective on being thankful and appreciating what is around you is an insight that many people should understand too.

  2. Your family sounds lovely, and I’m so happy you all love each other. <3 I'm glad they've been so supportive of you too.

    I'm grateful to have friends that get me and for my sister who's been such a trooper through the years. Her future is bright. 😀

  3. This is a good post idea. You’re definitely right that we all are thankful for different things depending on our circumstances. I should do a similar post like you did in the future, but I think my list will be quite similar to yours!

    It’s also great you have so many things to be thankful for. We all seem to take life and what have for granted, so it’s good to reflect on what we have and how thankful and lucky we are to have them.

  4. I love stuff like this. I actually keep a gratitude journal. It really helps bring more positivity and stuff. I might have to do a post of this on my blog if that’s okay. =3

    1. Honestly probably…my mom is the first thing I think of. She’s always there for me.
    2. Not yet. XD
    3. I’d probably be lost.

  5. There are a lot of things people take for granted. It’s good to take a moment and reflect the blessings we have. Despite the problems at times, family is the most important factor to have :). The internet is something I am thankful for because of the purposes and entertainment it serves.

    Apple products are awesome. You get the quality you paid for and it’s worth the investment. My Macbook Pro is more than 6 years old and still running strong! Having a domain is definitely something to be thankful for. I remembered piggy backing on a subdomain and I didn’t feel as complete as having a domain XD.

    I’m thankful for the people in my life who impacts my everyday life in a positive way. I have hope in humanity because of them :).

  6. I love this post! You are very lucky to have a loving family, Kya.

    For me? I’m thankful for my mother and Jackson. I’m also thankful for my true friends and I’m also thankful for my friends online. I’m thankful for my health despite my PCOS diagnosis, I can still prevent a lot things with a healthy lifestyle. I’m also thankful for being able to get through tough times without giving up. There’s a lot I am grateful for. 🙂 <3

  7. What a wonderful list <3

    I was thinking today (while I had a slightly concerning weep reading Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch Through the Ages) that Harry Potter has literally infected my life – in such a wonderfully obsessive way. It has given and taught me more than I thought books ever could. I think I would be a morose person without it.

  8. I loved reading this list! It’s easy to look over things we take for granted, so it’s nice to stop and think about things we’re thankful for 🙂 I’m so glad that your family are so kind and supportive! I also liked how you listed your hobbies. I’m definitely thankful for things like blogging, photography, and gaming. I’m also thankful for my family, friends, and husband!

  9. It’s nice that you have such a loving and understanding family. My mom left when I was 11 and my relationship with my dad was rocky until I moved out, lol. I always envy those who are able to have a relationship with their parents since it was a difficult path with mine.

    I think the thing I am most thankful for is my husband. He is my rock and I don’t think I’d have made it as far as I have without him. He made me learn that it’s okay to open up and trust and that not everyone will leave, I think without him, I’d probably be living on my own, sleeping around, and not willing to establish a real connection with anyone. I am lucky to have him. <3

    1. Every family situation is different and I try very hard to be understand of people in different circumstances. Sometimes they can be very different and even though they might not be the same as everyone, they have been apart of what has made you who you are.

      It’s great that you have someone in your life that is so supportive. 🙂 I am sure you mean a lot to him as well.

  10. This is a great list! So many things that so many people forget! Like doctors for one! I’m thankful for that too, though I worry about the current political climate here in the US stripping that away again, now that I finally have it. :/

    The biggest things I’m thankful for, is my family and my two legs. I feel like, as long as I can walk, I can do whatever I have to. If I lost either, it would be awful, but I don’t think I’d give up.

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