I’m off to see the wizard

16 years

I am going away for a few days (August 1st – August 5th) and I should have quite a busy week, starting tomorrow. I am however very happy to be getting away, I haven’t for a while so it will be a nice change. Plus, I also get to see a friend I haven’t for quite a long time. She is moving to America so who knows when I shall see her next. *sniffle*

Tomorrow I am going to the doctor. *shock horror* Not always a big fan of going to them, because I always think they want my blood :(. It will be a good opporunity for me to hopefully find a way to get my weight under controll and to talk to someone who can point me in the right direction and maybe even realign my brain waves a tad.

Monday I am going to see a Psychic. For the first time ever I am FINALLY going to see one. I have been wanting to for such a long time and I am really interested to see what they say, and to see what I feel as well. I keep getting this image or them saying something about my cat Witchypoo that went missing in December 2007. I don’t think I could ask about her.

Until I get back, I hope everyone stays well. 😀

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  1. I hope you have good time while you’re away! I saw a psychic once a few years ago and the stuff she told me started happening. It was creepy, but amazing at the same time! 🙂

  2. I know you’ll most likely read this when you get back, but I hope you have a great trip! 🙂
    OOH psychic! I had no idea you were interested in them. My mom’s seen a few and she’s really into that whole spiritual world thing (to the point that I’m getting scared!) and I guess I am too a bit.. but I’ll just stick to my X-files & Supernatural thank you very much 🙂

  3. Hehe, that’s funny, I’ve been wanting to go see a psychic myself! I guess what’s holding me back is that I’m scared of what they may say to me. I do not like bad news. Lol.

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