I’m Harry Potter.

17 years

I thought I would pop in and give a little update about how things have been going. How have they? Very awesomely! 😀 Nicole is brilliant, I already knew this but in real life you get to know people a lot better and she is Wicked, as Mr Weasley might say.

What have we been doing? Checking out the local scene and taking in the History, doing a little bit of shopping watching the latest Harry Potter movie, which was really great. I don’t want to give anything away to those who have not seen it, but its definatly one of the best, my guess is we will probably go and watch it again. But something that made watching it the first time very special is we were photographed by the Local newspaper and interviewed, so we will be looking for the papers tommorow. The fact that we were in full Hogwarts uniforms may have helped, but it was heaps of fun, something we can keep forever. 😀

We are also going to a book party on the 21st and have to dress up again, make jack-o-lanterns. I am going to make Draco, but I think the poor boy will turn out bad. Once we have read the book, the newspaper wants us to give a review of it as well, so that is awesome. I guess its not everyday that you meet two 20 year olds dressed up and a little obsessed, in a small town anyway. We’re special, in a non-weird kind of way. 🙂

For now, I think thats it. I am really feeling happy at the moment and having a good time. *snuggles*

P.S – Linda Nii if you are reading this, I think our stalker is watching you right now, omg. Love Chelsea (Aka Kya). 🙂 – End.

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  1. Heehee you dressed up and went to the movies?! No wonder they local newspaper would interview you! And photograph you… I’d love to go sometime, even though it didn’t have anything to do with the movie like it did with you, but just dress up and go out in public again 😀 I love the strange attention 😀

  2. Yes but not enough Draco in the new movie. Maybe (possibly, hopefully) in the next one! I can’t wait for the new book, yay.

    I think I’ve developed a crush towards Ron, now. Eek. Rupert just is more “manly” than the rest of the bunch. Harry (Daniel) looks like a muscular hobbit.

  3. Oh wow, you guys seem to be very busy with all those fun things you’re doing! Oh wow, you both got interviewed? That’s just fantastic! Heee. 😀 And that’s so wonderful about the book party! And you guys dressing up would be really nice to see. You guys seem to be getting a lot of attention! *squish*

  4. Harry Potter rocks my socks. I am probably going to watch the new movie sometime soon, but I’m kind of waiting until the hype is over and cinema’s aren’t that crowded anymore. I doubt I’ll dress up to go see it though 😛 Although that would be awesome and fun, I doubt I’ll be able to get my friends to join in 😀 I already pulled them through the hell of dressing up last Halloween and they weren’t all too thrilled about it, I can assure you.
    I can’t wait till the next HP book comes out! It must be so awesome to go to a book party, we don’t really have anything like that here in Belgium 😀

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