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18 years

Hey everyone! I have decided I want a new piercing! Like most things they jump into my mind and don”t leave untill they have been finished, it must be done! 😉 What is this new piercing I want? Well it”s a Monroe or sometimes known as a Madonna. It goes above the lip and is almost like a beauty mark, now I do already have my labret and nose done, so I am a little worried about over crowding my face in metal, but I find it alot of fun. My nose has been pierced for it could be going 6 years in march.

I will return comments when I get home, I like to visit my grandfarther everyday, because I love him dearly and he isn”t very well at the moment. Love and blessings to all. *hugs*’

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  1. Hey darling!! Long time no see! Love your page! Hope you are doing well, I am, spite the fact that I have been sick for a few days, but just a cold. rnrnA new piercing? How many do you have?? 😉 Hope your grandfather gets well!rnrnLots of love to you!!

  2. Ooo I love that kind of epircing it looks really nice 😀 I”m not allowed a peircing not while i live with my rents anyway :(rnrnI dont think it will crowd your face at all 🙂 it will look very pretty :Drnrnwow! and your mum let you do that? I think m,y mum would kill me if i ever got anything on my face peirced lol she”d run at me with some scissors hahaharnrnawww hugs to your grandpa i hope he feels better, being ill sucks :(rnrnxxxx

  3. YAKIYASMAN ;DrnWowies a new piercing! woo go for it. haha same as alice for me.. my mum would go bonkers xD.rnAll my love to your grandfather sweetie. I hope he feels a gazillion times better :)rnLOVINGS AND SLOSHING

  4. Your new piercing sounds cool. When you say it’s like a beauty mark do you mean that you’ll be using one of those small studs? I’m sure your face won’t be full of metal for a while longer. 🙂 rnrn*Hugs.* I hope your grandfather gets better very soon

  5. LOL. CRAZY (in a good and fun way) darling. Lol. Ooh it sounds major cool. PICTURES if you do it. xD Hmm if you don”t like it, you could not wear it after piercing? eh it would close? I don”t think there”s those fake types do they….lol…can”t imagine a magentic or clip on metal monroe ones.rnHope your grandpapa gets better. Spending time with our loved ones it the LOVE. -hugs- =)

  6. KYA!!! rnLook at you, changed the layout since I have been gone! Beautiful!!rnrnHmmm….a Monroe! Sounds awesome, I think they look cool. And must post some pics when you get it done!rnAnd I do know what you mean about something in your head and not getting out until its done! I do the same thing! rnrnAnd I do hope your grandfather gets better! *hugs* =)

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