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Wow yes, I have another layout… I might be a bit crazy but I can’t help that 😉 it’s Mr Snape and all his glory. I don’t know if I have ever had a Snape layout before so it’s a turning point in my life 😛

Gillyweed is going ok, I have had alot of incidents with people not following the rules :S the main one people joinging the Forum before they have been approved from the Sorting hat. It’s very annoying because I have made it clear.. oh well these things happen I guess hehe.

I have a silly cold and It’s annoying 😥

I watched the News today Michael Jackson is not Gulity and cleared of all ten counts, If he really is innocent that it’s a wonderful brakethrough 🙂 if he isn’t then it’s terrible. The lawyers for Schapelle are lodgeing their appeal today, I just hope she can go free! The other side is also putting theirs forward for her to get life in prision :/ I won’t even say what I am thinking about that 😎

I have a few hacks to install on gillyweed then I will return all loves LOVED 20 or so comments <3 you guys rock it. :satisfied: almost as much as those shower scenes of dean... opps I said to much. P.s; This layout is alot of yellow, I think it was the Hufflepuff Noodles, what do you think Nicole? 😀 woot.

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  1. Awesome job with the layout Kya. I am really in love with it…. 😉 Professor Severus Snape is fricking wicked cool. Yes, very awesome job! It does suck a lot when people do not read and/or follow the rules, I’m sorry about that. 🙁 They’re using some tricky magic to get past the Sorting Hat! Those little… 👿 I love how Hogwarts is, it is great, and hopefully you get students that will read/follow the rules now.. If not Draco can yell at and insult them and lose house points and have Professor Mcgonagall steal his money, that mean little wiatch! 😉 Yeah, I heard that… Don’t really know what to think, it was just so drawn out, seemed like a joke to me. It was hard to keep track of it, I mean he wasn’t even there at a time or came late. :O I don’t get it… Hopefully the right decision was made, but since he is a celebrity and has the limelight on him, I can’t be too sure. If that’s the case then that is pure crap. Good luck with the hacks. 😀 What are we getting? 😛 Give me some shower scenes of Mike, I want to see BIG Brother again! 🙂 Whoops I almost put give me some shower scenes of Mike.. :O Yes, I believe it was… They like to leave their mark everywhere, sneaky little jerks. They do not quit and , surely get in your head and they affect your brain to no end. Just you wait, they are slowly trying to take over the world! :O I fear the day that happens. :frown: I thougt about the Hufflepuff noodles as soon as I came here. 😉

  2. I?m so happy for Michael. I?m sure he is innocent. I mean free of ALL charges. That has to mean something. Everyone thought that he at least had given alcohol to the kid or something but NOPE. So free of ALL charges..that?s so wonderful!

  3. Great job on this layout! I’ve never had a Harry Potter layout of any type. I’m been trying to think of a new idea for a layout, so maybe I’ll do something Harry Potter-ish. lol. I was just talking to Yimin and I didn’t realize you two were such good friends until she read my blog and saw that I plugged Haha. I thought I’d let you know that I made a button for and I’ve been plugging it on a bunch of plugboards. I hope you don’t mind! 🙂 If you do, let me know and I’ll stop! Well, I’ll talk to you later!

  4. I love the layout Kya! 😛 :heart: You rock! *hugs*
    I’d join GillyWeed.Net but I’m not really into Role playing.. Sorry 🙁 Ah.. I feel bad now =/

  5. yaay! hes free and stuff. i really hope that Schapelle gets let off. NZ has been following the case too, and i feel so sad for her =(

  6. Oooh, I like the layout 🙂 HP is everywhere lately and it’s getting me soooo excited for the new book XD. I’m happy to hear Gillyweed is going well (besides the silly rule breakers)..I know a lot of people who have been talking about it..nothing but good things :). Well, I hope you get over that silly cold soon 😉 Take care, dear.

  7. Hufflepuff Noodles make it yellow my friend, that is beyond my controll 😉 wow I am commenting on my own blog I feel nerdy 😎

  8. Never been a fan of Snape but he is a neat character. Hehe :blush: I think I was one of those rule breakers at gillyweed. Eeek. Sorry. I hope your feeling better. Colds just really suck. I should know since I had one last week. Pretty silly having one when it’s summer over here. Anyways, take care

  9. I need to join but it’s just finding time thats the problem lol.
    I really love the new layout, Snape just rocks 😛
    I’m glad Michael is free too, the media wrecked his life.

  10. Very interesting indeed! Lol I like the yellowness. I shall do a yellowness layout one month! Hehehe 🙂 Sorry I haven’t really been keeping in touch. My computer is busted and well yes lol 🙂 Lovely layouts as usual!

  11. you support Corby right? i dont know how to say about her cases, its pretty confusing for me, bu i do believe my country law inforcement (since im Indonesian), its just shes caught in with those drugs in her own bag.. how can you didnt realise your bag is over 4 kg? but dunno.. how can be someone be stupid enough to hide those thing in her bag.. *confused*

  12. Is your website? Because I have a few questions… about it….

    Like when is the school year going to start, what’s quidditch going to be like, that sort of thing… thanks

  13. wow. mr. snape. i’ve never seen a layout featuring him. nice.

    p.s. i like this yellow. at least it isn’t a bright, make you have to get glasses because you can’t read the page kind of yellow. 😉

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