Hey Future, what’s up?

15 years

The future can seem wild and crazy sometimes, even dark and mysterious. I have found I hide from it far too much and I need to make plans so I have some idea what I want to do. I have many ideas about what I think I should do, but no real action plan on how to achieve my goals.

These are my main areas that I would be content working in. Those with a star are my favourites.

  1. Artist *
  2. Writer *
  3. Craftsperson
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Illustrator *
  6. Photographer
  7. Web Designer/Developer

I think the most conflicting problem I have is that the favourite fields I have (such as writing and art) are not exactly jobs that require you to have a certain level of education or diploma/degree and are more bassed on your level of talent and creativity. So I sometimes feel I should be taught, when my own self exsploration and developement is the best thing I can do. Oh the woes of a creative future.

There are courses out there that can provide me with helpful skills and I think at least starting something like that can kick start my desire to be more involved. There are a great number of web design courses as well, and I may take another so I have a backup, but that is really not what warms my heart the most or what as I see as a valuable mark to leave on the world, my writing and art would make me happiest to leave behind.

Plan: Get a clue, stick to said clue and do something. :[

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  1. We are on the same boat here, because I STILL don’t know what I want to do. We also have a similar list of things we want to do too!

    Gah, it’s so hard! If only I could do all of them! Well, I could, but I would have to be rich or something. I dunno.

  2. I am SOOOOOOOO glad that you’re back to wp
    blogging! (: I’m so gonna check back for updates
    and such ^^

    anyway, I know what you mean. I like both
    writing and designing/creating things but there
    seems to be a limit as to where my creativity is

  3. Haha, I got Fanupdate to work but it didn’t look good in my layout. O:
    In my next layout, I will use it again! ^-^
    Thank you! Yes, I had lots of fun. :3
    Lolz, I think they WERE vampires! xDD

  4. Oh, and I read your plan for the future, what you want to focus on in the future, and it’s kind of scary how we want to do the same exact things! x3 Good luck! ^-^

  5. Aw, good luck finding the right path of action for you! It took me a looong time to finally realize what I wanted to do with my life, and I hope you’ll be able to find the one that suits you. 🙂

  6. I kind of know what I want to do, sort of. I mean I study Computer Science. So I want to do something around that area, but I don’t know what. There are so many different types of jobs. As much as I’d love to be a photographer or a craftsperson – I just stick to having those as my beloved hobbies. I would be too stressed out to worry about the financial issue.

  7. I’m struggling with that too. I love writing and I don’t think anything else would fulfill me job-wise. Maybe try establishing yourself as a freelancer?

  8. I have always wanted to do something in the creative field. I think you would be a great illustrator. 🙂

    I always find there is a problem when I think of certain things I like to do, because I think that the only way to get employed would be to do something like a diploma or a degree. I want to do something in web design, but I have this odd feeling that people won’t want to hire me or anything because I don’t have the qualification.

    Leaving something creative behind is a lovely idea. There are no limitations to being creative. I think that you can always be taught a few skills, but as you said, it’s just a kick start. People are creative in their own ways, so maybe after learning some skills in a course, you can head off on your own. 🙂

  9. That is good you found something you are happy with. I like website design but as I said it’s not something I want my whole future devoted too. 🙂

  10. The job I want is on your list: Web Design/Development.
    That is what I’m actually good at and what I enjoy doing, so that’s what I’m aiming for. My parents are still sort of skeptical about it though.. they keep pushing me to enter into the medical field. *sigh* :

    If I don’t end up with Web Design, I think I’ll do something outside the computer since I’m sitting in front of it too much as it is!

    Well, good luck with everything!! 😀
    As they say, “just do what you love and love what you do”

  11. I think go with something that you will love doing day in day out 🙂

    Nice website btw, just passing through will add your rss feed though

  12. Haha, I’ll be going into editing, so I at least have a plan for my love of writing and editing, but I definitely can sympathize with you. ^^ Pretty much all of my interests reside in creative fields, so there have definitely been moments where I’ve said, “Oh, I’d love to be able to get into that, but what would I really DO with that?” you know? XD

    But I wish you the best of luck in finding something you can stick with. 😀 And I definitely want to see whatever it is you decide to create. ;D

  13. Gah, I so understand what you mean. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do, and even more time to actually grow the courage to go for it 😛
    My list was pretty similar to yours and I went for graphic designer/illustrator. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to and if I’d ever be able to pay my bills doing something creative, but so far it’s working 🙂 I say go for what you really want, what you feel the strongest about. That will make you happiest and you’ll probably regret it later on and wonder “what if…?”.

    Thank you for the nice comments about my layout btw, I’m glad you like what I do! <3

  14. Aww. What a bummer. I think you’re a very creative person and I hope you are able to release it and use it to the best of your abilities. 🙂

  15. Aww thank you love I really appreciate that. I am glad you found your path and what makes you happy. You are talented in so many ways I know whatever you do, it will be magic.

  16. That is a pain, the will I have enough money to live. For me, I live for my own creativity and what I can give rather then living for money or wealth. I know that sounds good in my mind, but transferring that to reality is not possibly for everyone. You need to have some element of luck and a stubborn ass to refuse any other way. XP

  17. Good luck. Maybe, I am not sure. I much prefer writing in creative forms, not for ‘mass media’ or business. I know even creative writing can be shared in that form, but I like to keep it more refined and as it is. If that makes sense, I hope so haha.

  18. Thank you. 🙂

    I guess it depends on how we are brought up and what we believe is the way around it. I know having an education is good because it broadens the mind and can give us more options, but its not always going to give us a said job in the end. Especially in Australia where things are a bit different. But that depends on the level of employment you are looking at too.

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