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13 years

In an effort to do my part and raise some money to help Japan during this terrible tragedy (please read here if you are unfamiliar with the events that have unfolded) I have decided to try and do my part. I will be making WordPress themes with all money raised going to the American Red Cross. I will try my best to make them quickly.

$5 – Basic WordPress theme (no image)
$15 – Standard Theme (you pick the design and a style of image and I will try my best to make it)!

Please send money via PayPal to and please make sure to include a contact email as well as details about what you would like. I hope I can help. Along with the money raised from helping with themes I will also add $50 of my own funds.

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  1. Hi Kya,

    I was wondering how I could help Japan – so I’d love to orde a wordpress theme from you, but I have no idea which email address to send the order in to? hehe.

    Siobhan x:cupcakestraw:

  2. Dear Kya, I think it’s wonderful of you doing this to help. I want a standard theme. x:cupcakestraw: Thank you. 🙂 But what currency is it (not that it matters so much anyway… *goes ahead to send*

  3. This is amazing that you’re doing this, Kya! I really wish I could do something as amazing as this! I think I’m going to request a basic theme sometime soon, and when I get the okay from my mom, I’ll send you the email! (:

    Much Love! <3

  4. Oh this is a really wonderful way to raise money. You’re doing something you enjoy to raise the donation money! That’s very kind. =)

    You have a really pretty theme, I’d love to order a standard one, except my paypal has some problems so I guess that idea goes away. =(

  5. This is such a great way to raise money to help Japan. 🙂 I really feel for the people whose lives have been affected by the disaster. I’m sure a lot of people would want to receive a wonderful design knowing that their money is going to a good cause. :3

  6. This is a great an creative idea! I had never even thought about this! Keep up the good work and I know everyone will be enjoying their new themes. =]

  7. Kya, am I too late? :O
    I have a design I made, but I’m not familiar with WordPress themes. I wonder if I could get help from you :3

  8. I agree with Georgina. This is a good way to raise money for Japan. 😛 Your themes are pretty awesome, too.

    What exactly is a “basic” theme? I know you said excluding an image.

  9. i think this is a wonderful and original way you are collecting funds to help :)!! Wish you all the best in your charity work dear! 🙂

  10. I love how you’re trying to help out Japan in your own little way 🙂 I wish I could do the same but unfortunately I don’t have much time to make layouts / graphics aside from the workload I get :s If ever I know someone who needs a layout, i’ll definitely refer that person to you <3

    It's nice to see that you're still blogging, Kya!

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