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16 years

I have been spending again. You would think after putting 2000+ away I would be ready to slow down? I will have to eventually when my account hits the dirty 0.00 mark. In my defence I did purchase Mothers day gifts for my Mum and Nanna. Neither reads this so I am fine to keep a record of it here. 😉

For Mum;
1. Book: The Interior Design Course.
2. Picture Frame: Demdaco Most Sincerely Love Frame.
3. Teddy Bear: Me to You bear “Best Mum”.

For Nanna;
1. Cup: Demdaco Most Sincerely With Love Mug.
2. Teddy Bear: Slipper Pal bunny rabbit.

It may not seem like much but I spent in excess of six hours searching around on the internet for items I thought would be perfect and these worked out very well. Dad also wants to get her something else. I have suggested either an iPod or a new DVD player/recorder.

I have also been looking at items for myself (suprissssee) and it’s been toy stores I have been hitting up. A year or so ago I spotted these cute/adorable/omgwin Yummy Donut keychains on Amazon and I had ideas of getting them again, but they disappeared. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was browsing on Fred Flare (I love that store, I wish they shipped world wide *grrr*) and spotted them again! So began a crazy journey of searching the internet. I discovered the creator behind these Yummy creations is a gal by the name of Heidi Kenney who runs My Paper Crane, who teamed up with the glorious shop Kid Robot. Now, not only did I discover the Yummy Donuts but I was introduced to the new range, the Yummy Breakfast series! I got very excited and went to purchase some, but ridiculously my order was $15 and postage $69 .. WTF. So to fix that problem I then had to go searching the internet to find shops that sold them, or at best specific ones because Kid Robot has them in Blind Boxes. I found Yummy Donuts on Ebay from Plastic Matador they are opened and you can pick what you like. Now I needed to find somewhere that had the Yummy Breakfast series. I found a store called Fugitive Toys that does, and they are opened and you can choose. The one I really want is the Pink Cupcake. The problem, there is one left its in my shopping cart and it says the line is discontinued, but the postage is $27. If I brought a few other items it would defiantly be worth it, but my funds are sinking like a leaky boat. Cactus Pups are quite adorable as are the Little Uglys. ;D These designer toys are so awesome.

I don’t know if it helped for the fact I watched Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. That movie was delicious and I thank Krissy for recommending it to me. *wubble*

I have found a great number of wonderful toy stores and some I haven’t even looked at properly yet. I may make another post later with them. So I can keep a record for myself and anyone else who might enjoy them. Nothing wrong with keeping the childish side to yourself alive and well. <3

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  1. spending money is ok as long as your not going in debt to do it , I have spent money like crazy over the years on my kids until recently when I had my job of 20 years threatened now I am doing everything I can to get out of debt and reprogram myself to not be a slave to debt any more

  2. Aww, the gifts you got for your mother and nanna are great and I’m sure they will be happy with them. I still haven’t got a clue what to get for my mom. 😐

    Wow, those toys are really cute! I noticed you can buy more of those cute toys that don’t seem to be on any other site on Heidi’s site (/shop). I totally want to get the “Sprinkled Chocolate Vanilla Frosted Donut”. <3 Anyway, thanks for sharing. 😀

  3. No clue either, knew Mum’s Day was coming up but didn’t check on when. Still got time anyway

    Don’t think a bear or book would do it for my Mum. Pic frame idea was a few years ago. Ipod And DVD player gotten for her birthday.

    ..could try cleaning my room to make her feel a little better. Could get her a vacuum :-/

  4. me. i could use a little shopping myself. i usually buy things for others and have actually not been buying for myself. ive always wanted to watch mr. magorium’s wonder emporium!XD

  5. OMG them toys are adorable! I’ve seen the doughnuts in some shops here 🙂

    I’ve visited Fredflare and wanted a fried egg rug but I can’t remember if they allowed shipping to the UK 🙁

    Have you checked out dollydagger.co.uk? They have quite similar stuff but they sell clothes as well 😀

  6. Wow those are great gifts! I should start looking around for something for my grandmother. But the thing is it’s hard to find something she likes. Anyway, those keychains are super cute. I want one with a heart myself. I love hearts, stars and butterflies. So if I had my pick (which I did a long time ago) I’d go with a heart this time, seeing as to how I already have a butterfly keychain. heehee. But yeah don’t go overboard and lose all your money on them.

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