Hello Shiny World!

16 years

Ta-Da, I have a new theme up! I wanted something clean and a little funky and I am pretty happy with it. Although, I did end up working on it all night and I was supposed to go into town with Mum today, but it’s just about 7AM and I feel like I could crash on the keyboard. Whoops. :B

I also spruced up some sections, didn’t change anything dramatically though. I added a predictions section, updated my movies (1006 now, whaaat??) and also made a section to say what plugins I am using so other people can snag them as well!

I don’t think I have anything to add. Hopefully I did finish everything that I was supposed too. ;D

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  1. Oooooh, prettyness! I love the spring-y colors; interesting, as it’s springy over here, but fall(ish) over there? 😛

    And I love your movie collection! Mine has like 20+ (that’s by myself though, I haven’t the house’s yet) but one day I will get there, but you will be like 980 ahead of me, so I don’t know, hahahh. xD

  2. I love the new layout, the colour combination is just perfect.

    Holy **** 1006 movies??? I’m a big movie fan myself but I don’t own that many movies, just yet.

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