Hello July!

16 years

I can’t believe July is here again, it seems so different to how excited I was feeling this time last year. But it doesn’t feel horrible or broken so I can feel happy knowing things are not so bad, and the future may just smile.

I will be caring for my Nanna for six hours tomorrow. Mum told her I would be coming to visit tomorrow, today and she was a little worried, she said I was too bossy. I don’t try to be and I am not overly so with her, but sometimes you have to ask her to do things several times and you might get a little impatient, but I am not nasty. You have to remember that this is not them being this way, it’s the problem they have and you have to be happy they are still with you. But at the same time you can’t let it get to you, especially when there are nasty episodes.

I may also go shopping on Thursday. I have been slowly compiling a shopping list of random things I need. Well, some things I don’t need but I need them. Like a new bag, jewellery and random bits and pieces. But I really NEED a new chest of draws because I threw the old one out and my clothes are homeless. 🙁

Whoops, better go and watch Big Brother. It’s funny, they have said someone in the house is a mole, when apparently there isn’t one. But it would be funny if someone was the mole. If I had to pick someone I would say Brigette or Travis, but it could be totally wrong and I would probably like them more. XP

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