harrdy whoa

19 years

😀 ok now I know some of my layouts are a bit dogy but I want to make a layout for someone. So if you want yours truly to do that I can 😉 or at least try hehe.

I love my phone to much :blush: I don’t have much else to say, how boring am I hehe.

I think my counter is going down now, nevermind you can’t always have that many hehe 🙂 *hugs*

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  1. That’s funny. You just randomly want to ma someone a layout? 🙂 Your layouts are good though. I’m glad you love your phone so much, yippee! 😀 It’s funny when you mention something it stops or it doesn’t happens, things are strange, That’s still quite a lot, don’t worry about it. 😉

  2. Your layouts rock! They’re not dodgy at all!

    Good to hear that your phone still rocks. Do you play any games on it?

    It stinks that your counter is going down. I hope it starts going up heaps more. It’d be cool to see it go over 100 again. 🙂

  3. Well atleast people are still coming right? Even if it doesn’t mean 100s 😛

    Ahhaha I told my mom that I wanted a phone and she got all bitchy at me 0.0 I guess I am not allowed to get a phone right now because I am "too young" *rolleyes*

    You aren’t boring 😛 I am glad your keyboard is working though 😀

  4. What?! Your layouts are gorgeous! I’m sure anyone would absolutely love to have one made by you! And don’t worry, you’re counter will go up again soon, I’m sure. And if not who cares? It’s their loss =P <33

  5. Kass your layouts are not dodgy at all! They are perfect 🙂 I have decided that I am going to make a Jason Bright site again. So if you want to you can make a layout for it please?? I don?t know if it would offend you seeing as you a Holden fan!

    I saw the picture of you phone it is so lovely, I want one too! But of course, my parents won?t buy me a new one 🙁

  6. Hah! Yeah. Jeremy rocks. Peter Pan rocks. :blush: Oh yeah. He was 14/15 when it was filmed. He’s like 16/17 now. Oh woe. I’m 12. Do you see any possibilities? lol.
    I know, it is dumb. I shouldn’t have a babysitter; legally, at my age, I can babysit myself. I ended up putting my little brother to bed and giving him dinner and everything while she just watched Dancing With the Stars.

    Lol. <3 ttyl!

  7. this layout is not dodgy!
    I really like it, the colors, Dominic :heart:, the colors, and I’m of to check out the content now! So far this site is giving me a positiv feeling! 😉

    toodles :heart:

  8. I just wanna say, I’m sorry I haven’t commented..haven’t been online as much…But anyway, I love your layouts..they’re so different nifty! Very cute! 😉 Love Ya!

  9. There’s nothing wrong with loving your phone so much x] I don’t think there’s a thing as "liking it too much" heh.

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