Happeh Birthday

19 years

This is just a quick update to say Happy Birthday to the precious, Happy Birthday Nicole! I can”t wait to talk to you on the telly phone for zee first time. *jumps around*

Also Raine Bean, I wish you luck with coming up with a domain name, when you have it I will be ready to register 😀 I said I didn”t have much. I have some cleaning up to do, so I shall comment when I have time. Take care my sweets. Love ya Nicole <3333

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  1. Ah Kya, you are going to make my heart and head explode with all the kindness you”ve been showing to me. ;( AH I LOVE EVERYTHING THOUGH! :O :O :O 😀 😀 😀 :O :O :O Thank yee for doing this! ;D Ah me too, I was imaging it last night, it”ll be cool. 😀 Good luck with the domain name Raine! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kya, you can”t wait to register yet another domain name, can you? 😛 This time, no domain for you. You little whore, you. 😛 You sounded like Argus Filch there. :O 😀 :O rnrnThank you again. You are beau-ti-ful!

  2. Happy birtttthdaaay to thy precious. Many wishes and a toaster that churns out, deathmark toasts. It”s different from the wedding gift. I”m planning to go on a different-toaster-for-special-kya-occasion shop of sorts. Lol. LOooove you huuuunie puff. Lol. ^^

  3. Happy Birthday to Nicole! Tomorrow (well today for him since hes in Australia and the 17th is his Birthday) is my friends birthday too. Daniel of Volume30.org. Yep, thats right 🙂 hehe.

  4. aww you”re so sweet. You seem like you”d be a really great friend… wishing Nicole a happy birthday and all that lol. rnrnSaw you thread on xposure.nu by the way. lol =)

  5. Hey Kya! Lovely layout, lil hobbits hehe 🙂 I must check your site out now cause I haven”t in ages, I can”t remeber a thing from here reallly, except form your writing 😉

  6. Aww… You”re such a sweet to Nicole. I know that she must have loved everything you did. And how neat that you get to chat on the phone finally! It”s always so exciting to speak to an online friend for the first time. I can”t wait to find out how it went. *hug*

  7. I love you my Kya Beane. 😀 😀 I”m so sorry it”s taking so long, I hope you understand. I am forever grateful, I love you so much.rnrnYou and Nicole are such sweeties! I hope your conversation goes super super, and Nicole, I hope you had a beautiful day! xD

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