14 years

A creation I made in Photoshop, I have been playing around with making art with just the paint brush lately instead of layers and then pen tool (I know the pen tool makes editing the image a lot easier, but it has been fun using the paint brush, colouring them in is just like when you’re a kid <) )

I have been really busy lately and things are going to get busier. I believe that is good though, will keep my mind active and push me to keep the wheels turning. My school work will arrive soon and I can’t wait, I am going to really try so hard, if I can get an ATAR (university grade from average results through my HSC year) I can get into Uni and begin the dream. <) Exciting! It feels that it will be possible and not some far off fantasy like I always imaged.

I changed the favicon for the site, it is now a chicken. I actually started off with a plan to make cupcake emoticons, but then it looked more like a chicken so I went with it. Chicken!

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  1. Of course it is possible, my darling! I’ll be rooting for you every step of the way! 😀 ♥

    Aww, I’m in love the cow. *chomps* :B He is dancing to some funky beats; he knows where it’s at.

    *squishes and muffins* ♥

  2. Your drawing is so cute! That sure is one happy cow! Hehe. I’ve always admired your work when it comes to hand-drawn stuff and pixels. You do amazing stuff with them. 😀

    And good luck! I’m crossing my fingers for you! *hugs*

  3. That cow is very, very cute! I love how it’s dancing (well, it looks like it’s dancing; I assume that was intended).

    Good luck with the ATAR/university!

  4. The drawing is adorable!! I’ve also been trying to make a neat drawing with Photoshop ^_^
    Good luck on getting the good grades! I think working really hard will pay off 🙂 It’ll also keep your mind off of things that you don’t need to worry about 8)

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