Goodbye My Little Angels

Saying goodbye to a part of your family is hard. In January and February, we had to say goodbye to two fur babies, Maddy and Oscar 😭. Parting with them so close together was a huge shock, and it has taken me some time (five months) to go through photos and make this post. I love them both, and they will always be in my memory.

Maddy and Oscar, you brought so much love and happiness into our lives. We will always cherish the happy and funny memories we shared. I am thankful for the time that we could share, and I hope you knew how much you were both loved πŸΎπŸ’–.Β 


Maddy (Maddy-Ray-Lee-Cyrus, Madeline, Madgels, Bubble, The Bubble) was a bit of a snob. She didn’t like the other fur children and prefered to dine on a particular diet (thank you very much). Maddy liked to sleep on a human bed, and her favourite place in winter was by the fire. She was determined, strong-willed, and if she cared for you, you knew with her little headbutts on the leg during the day and in your face at night (to get under the blanket). She had a special bond with my mum and were often close together. She brought so much joy through her unique personality and will be sadly missed. Her passing was traumatic, and I choose to focus on the happier times and the wonderful 18 years we shared.


Oscar (Oscie, Doodle, Oscarene, Noodle) was a loving natured, kind kitty and a great friend. She was constantly by my side as I went through high school (often sitting on my work) and always ready to settle into my bed. She had an adorable habit of wandering up to me outside with her tail doing a wiggle. Oscar also had many strange habits. Her favourite toy for a long time was an old sponge she stole from the kitchen sink. She spent many nights throwing it around and having a great game to herself. I will always appreciate the moments we had.

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  1. I am so terribly sorry for your losses. They were absolutely beautiful kitties. There’s nothing like the loss of a pet. When my Shasta girl died in 2014, I was so messed up. She was my world. People thought I was crazy, but I had to grieve her. I still carry around her dog license on my keychain and think about her all of the time. I feel her spirit all the time and I think your kitties will pop in on you as well. <3 Do whatever you have to do to feel okay during this. Sending all my love!!!

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss Kassy. They were simply beyond beautiful. I know it’s very hard losing a pet, like losing a member of your family. My service dog Remi and I are inseparable, and I probably love my cat Elsa more than I like any human being. Don’t worry about taking however long you need to grieve. They were part of your family for quite some time. It’s only natural to be distraught. And also, remember, your memories will be with you forever.

  3. I just saw your post. I am so sorry for your loss, Kassy. Pets are just simply amazing especially how they touch our hearts. As I always say, they will never be far for they leave their paw prints upon our hearts.

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