Goblet of Fire, Read and be Spoiled :O

19 years

Well Hello. Finally! Yes Australia is now with the rest of the world. GOF came out on Thursday and I went yesterday. <3. I advise all those who have yet to see the movie to not read a thing more! Do not read It and say I forced you too 😛 😉

As a movie as it is I found Goblet of Fire to have everything an exciting, Muggle developed movie would have. It kept your attention it brought some interesting new characters that were great and as the movie, I did really enjoy it a lot and even have the desire to see it again, but I probably will not. Now as compared to the books, well it is just completely different and the loyal witch or wizard all have the right to be upset about it. They took away a lot and seemed to change things around. One scene I was a little shocked about was Harry and Ron using pencils instead of quills??? Um wtf mate, H2o. It was quite annoying.

 I just felt like it had completely taken a step back from the books and previous movies and started to loose the magic of the whole series. They are trying to make it relate to people muggle people and I find that disappointing. I like the individual and strong to connect with you. Although I did like the movie the books are so much more real to me. But at the same time I don’t want to movies to burn out and die, I would love to see some things that happened n HBP in movie 6 ;D The characters. Well I was really shocked by this.

Why did some of the characters act totally different to how they should be? Dumbledore was giving me the shits. I thought I could have written him better than what was going on there. But standouts for me had to be; Draco, Lucius, Weasley Twins, Barty Crouch Jnr (Flicks Tongue ooo sexy :D:D::D:D:D ) , Cedric Diggory (I got tears but didn’t cry I held myself together man!!), mad-eye moody. They to me did a wonderful job oh and of course Ron! I was a little sad Draco wasn’t in it as much because he is my bitch 😉 And Lucius, well I never expect many scenes with him but I was happy and thrilled and I loved seeing them together again as a father son duo. They rock it whoa.

Besides falling for Cedric (duh) I thought the twins (Weasley) were so freaking adorable. I am in love with them and I was reading in this thing that I had info in this thing I brought for ;x and they are both PISCES! But what makes it more special is they were born on my mum’s birthday that makes it total uncontrollable love now 😀 They are not my bitches maybe just my whores.

Other than that my day had been boring and everything I wanted to do didn’t seem to want to go to plan. But we had one of the biggest storms we had ever had here the other night. The power was off for over 18 hours and so many trees along the road had fallen down it was really shocking!

I did buy many presents for the precious yesterday I hope she likes them! And sorry to everyone due to nothing going to plan I didn’t get a chance to post any cards or presents to precious, but I will on Monday 🙂

Love to everyone especially take care and I hope you are all well (: :F <33

P.S I loved the scene when Snape kept smacking people in the head <3 I so need to make icons now.

P.P.S I love Draco, Lucius, Fred and George oh and Ceddy, Krum, Bloody hell all of them 😛

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  1. GOF = Goblet of Fire? Harry Potter? I’m guessing thats what your referring to. I’m not really a fan of harry potter. Never was, so I won’t be seeing it.

  2. Yesh yesh. Snape smacking cracked me up. Loooveeest Draco-kins. He was looking better. Lucius =swoons=
    Poor trees and having the power out gotta be horrible.

  3. (may contain more info about movie)

    Aw thanks for the nice comment. That was probably the nicest comment I have ever recieved. You really are a great host 🙂

    Anyway, I SAW GOF too, two days after it came out in the US. Compared to the book, it was HUGE blow off. As a movie it was great! The triwizard tournaments were done so well. They missed out alot of important scenes. I agree with what you said about Cedric, he was hot but you should look at the pics of him without makeup and hair done (lol), I also thought Victor Krum was hot too. The scene where Snape slaps everyone is HILARIOUS. I was cracking up, some lady had to hit me in the head with her purse to get me to shut up. (i laugh wierd when im cracking up).

    I was very dissapointed that they left out the house elf and the whole S—(i cant remember the abreviations but the club hermoine made) scenario. That plays an important part in the book.

    I’m a pices too :). I saw your icon page. Your really good at it. What program to you use?

    ttyl bye

  4. Kya, you’re crazy! lol thanks for the groovy comment =) Sorry to confuse you with the name thing.. I kinda liked having Mary for a while, but I’m lazy and got sick of all the different names I have.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the movie. Last night a few people from work were going to see it, and they got so much sh*t for going to see Harry Potter on a Saturday night, when everyone else was going to town and going clubbing and stuff lol. But not from me of course ;D

    I think we could be good for each other, it would help to have someone to encourage me =) And growl at me when I eat chocolate, lol!!

    And thanks for the compliments on my patterns =) You’re so sweet! Bye!

    Luv ya xoxox

  5. I have absolutely no idea what that was all about :p please excuse me heheh but yes books are better than movies base don them – go originals, they are original 🙂 Who is the precious? Sorry if I missed something 😛 hehe Just so curious :D:D:D

  6. OMG i totalyl agree with you on the film. Can i borrow one or your whores .. i mean a weasly twin and make him mine ..maybe hahahaha

    OMG snape with harry and ron i almost wetmyself in orgasmic laughter!!!!! alan rickman is a god!

    I agree with you abou the characters i mean what was up with dumbledor and hermione. D was a flittery idiot and hermione was just dumb!

    :O 18 hours power out! i’d never be able to cope with that lol what a storm!

    i wonder how many stamps you have to use to send stuff abroad. Next year i need to get you and nicole an advent calander! i cant belive you hanv thad one befor! …. i just typed hanv thad wtf!! hahaha i meant havnt had hahahaha oh dear.

    have you managed to post everything today? 😀 bless ya sweets xxxx

  7. lol that movie had me in stitches. I was hoping they would make it more light hearted since the end is so sad. I read the book. I knew what was coming. My fiance hasn’t read them and was not expecting it. GOF is definitely the best HP movie to date. I can’t believe that people disliked it! I loved the scene with Snape and Harry and Ron. And the Weasley twins were hysterical. Ron’s face when learning how to dance lol and Draco as a ferret! Whee! Lucius is mine, you can’t have him! lol

  8. Hello Bellatrix, hello Kya!

    I remember the Goblet of Fire, it was really wicked looking!

    I’m guessing you put your name in, I couldn’t at the time, ages restriction and all…

    The Goblet of Fire is a movie, wha’?

    All right buddy let me take over from here..

    Hmm.. I don’t know. It seems to me all the focus was on the look of it, on scare tactics, on action and other scenes that meant nothing because they lacked any explanation or sense. The focus should have instead been put to making the story better, making it flow better, making it make more sense. I am not talking about the book when I say this, but for a movie it could have been A LOT better in my opinion. I personally feel it wasn’t directed well. It didn’t even make sense at many points. Things were rushed, things didn’t get the explanation they deserved, things just didn’t flow well, etc.

    Yes, the movie didn’t follow the book well at all. So many things were changed and cut and then some added. I’d be here for a long time writing about that. It is very disappointing but the books are all I care about, the movies can go smoke some crack with Gonny I felt the first one was just magical, the second was pretty magical but had some bad points, the third, is where it lost the magic in my opinion, and the fourth well.. Yeah, moving on…

    (Sorry I couldn’t resist, I kept it semi short though, and was kind of nice and not all mean, right? :O) But I am glad you liked it for movie, really. : )

    They do try to make it relate to Muggles but that isn’t the point of the bookss. We are supposed to be in their world not our own, and that ticks me off. Hmm, yes, you have much experience with Dumbledore. Man, that sounds like I’m calling you a whore. I’m not, honestly.

    Wow, that sounds like a huge storm, damn Kya. It definitely sounds shocking too, especially with all the tress that had been knocked down. :O but I am glad you are all right, I mean I did talk to you earlier so I am assuming you made it through okay. 😛

    Ack, no.. You didn’t have to do that. ;( You are very sweet, and Kya, I appreciate everything you have given me, and I‘m not talking about material things, but I of course appreciate them so much too. I will love anything you got me, even thought you surly didn’t need to. You are so sweet, thank you so much for everything.

    I got an e-mail that the other gift I purchased for you is scheduled to be shipped to my house on the 8th, so hopefully I’ll be able to write out a card, or more.. (:P) And then send you it soon after that. 🙂

    You think you’re so snaky.. O: I mean sneaky. 😉 ANYWAY, That is so weird they are born on your mom’s birthday. O: Pisces! 😀 They are little fishy too, weee. Any Scorpios in the cast? O:

    :F? Seriously dude, what are you eating? I have been doing that a lot more lately too now that I think about it. 😛 Maybe it’s the noodles. 😉

    I think you went to feed the bloody chickens again. Or maybe you just went to seek out more noodles. Tsk, tsk. Well, see you late friend. 🙂

  9. *gasps* My weasly twins! *hugs pillow* They rawked me.

    But I say, Mathew Lewis (Neville) is getting quite… good-looking? Hehe… but isn’t Neville supposed to be round-faced and all?

    The movie is SO different from the book. I mean, Dumbledore just about PINNED Harry to the wall.

    And they never remember that Harry has green eyes xD.

  10. Eck, I am so looking forward seeing Cho in GOB. She is so hot. 8)~

    I try to convince myself that she isn’t my only reason to why I want to watch it.

    And thanks for reminding me to buy christmas gifts. Yikes.

  11. OY – GOF. *lol* No, I haven’t seen it yet. I’m waiting until the frenzy dies down a bit here in the US first. Maybe while everyone’s seeing “Narnia: LW&W”, I’ll finally see “Harry Potter”. *lol*

    You know, with a book as long and as detailed as GOF, you kinda had to expect a lot of cutting and rearranging. There was a never a movie based on a book as cut up as Anne Rice’s “Interview With A Vampire”, not to mention “Queen of the Damned”. Don’t get me started on those. *lol*

  12. you know what I really like? the way the movie represents the grownth of th carachters and book. I still wanted ot see more og the quidditch game though! I WANT A BROOM!!!!

  13. I was disappointed that they changed some of it around. Such as Barty Crouch, Jnr was not originally in the dream. It confused me at first. Yes, the twins were so frikkin’ adorable. And I have an unhealthy obssession with Cedric aka. Robert Pattinson. Mmm yeah. x

  14. HP4 wasn’t all that great in my opinon, it was too fast-paced and didn’t emphasize some important parts in the book. Some of the scenes were quite hypocritical to the plot, which really irked me. 😛 But I enjoyed it nevertheless, the special effects were excellent. 🙂
    Fred and George are awesommeee. I love them.

  15. whoa. i didn’t even realise they used pencils instead of quills.. and yeah, i totally hate the dumbledore. he’s too short and rash. =X they did move the plot around a bit, but I think as a movie, it was nice. ^^ just don’t remember that it was adapted from a book. ha ha. =) i love the part where snape rolled up his sleeves to smack their heads. ha ha. xD

  16. WOOHOOO Yay 😀 You finally saw it ;D
    Your analysis of the film is great xD *giggles* there were a fair few funny moments I must say 😀
    love you xoxx

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