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17 years

Mum and I had a twenty minute conversation about why Jared Leto is so really really really ridiculously good looking. It’s true. He is like an angel of sexyness that is too much for one man. I think many people have always known this and perhaps even I myself did as well, but now I am finally free and have come out with it, Leto is teh drool.

What has been kickin’ in my world? Mainly Christmas shopping and self shopping. Once again mum and I have gone slightly crazy on DVDs and this time it was TV Shows, finally! I have been longing to get my hands on these and now I call home to; Summer Heights High, Chasers War On Everything Season 1, Ugly Betty Season 1, Prison Break Season 2 and a whole other bunch of new DVDs. I was desperate to get Heroes, but of course they don’t have it. Makes me want to cry razor blades and offer up my own brain in self sacrifice. Don’t tempt me.

I want to give a big Birthday shout out to my dear friend Krissy, I hope you had a lovely day! *snuggle* And also to my Dad on the 10th. But, I messed up. I used to have a friend that was born the same day as my Dad on the 10th but then got it confused with Krissy so didn’t wish him Happy Birthday or anything until the 12th and even argued with him on the 10th that it’s not his birthday. Oh dear, don’t I look like some silly ho.

Take care everyone and remember to keep Boneheading. *snort*

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  1. Ah-ha! So that’s who that dude is. I must agree, he is quite the looker. 😉

    Mmm… so many great television shows are on DVD that I need to get my hands on. Heh. Though my illegal copies are tiding me over until I get some money. Heh.

    Thank you a bunch for the birthday wishes, and send all my best to your dad as well. December babies, unite! 😀

  2. Kya, I think your dad has the same birthday as mine! I can’t remember though because he was not around since I was 10…I gotta ask mum 🙂

    Wheee Christmas shopping! I am doing my shopping next week, just because I am lazy. Recently bought some chocolate too put in some goodie bags, ended up eating them!

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