Future sounds of witnessed scenes

16 years

I have partially started on a new theme for the site. I was looking for themes that captured a free, vibrant, playful essence that I see in my mind, and I just couldn’t find anything that did. So I thought, the best way (knowing what I want) would be to create my own again. I tend to get sick of them rather quickly though, as the faults start raising their vibrant heads. BUT, I have been having some luck with how the tests have been going so I may just stick at it and see how it goes.

I also thought I should write something and post it here, I love to write, but yet I never post my writing on here. I get slightly nervous about it sometimes, because I can go to a deep place and it might mean something to me, but be a pile of dung to the next. Especially when I always fall behind on spell checking works correcly. 🙁

Three Minute Fiction – Inspired By A Song
This is inspired by an idea a friend was telling me about, or actually two people at different times that don’t even know each other, but live in the same country, in the same state.. what the :O. You listen to a random song and then write whatever comes to you from it. You may follow the message of the song, a part of the song, or just go in a whole different direction that has sprung from the music. You must be inspired by the song and you must not write longer than three minutes. Listen to the song the whole way through before you start writing. If you want you can also listen to it again while you are writing. Do not take the time to edit you story in that three minutes of writing time, be free and just go for it. Let your inner voice run wild. You’re welcome to edit it when you have finished.

Random Song: P.S. (I’m Still Not Over You ) – Rihanna

So cold are the moments that are forced within. The cracks of all the time when we thought things could never be thin. We walked so closely, our hands intertwined, slept together through those sleepless nights. We washed the sorrows from out of the world, brought a new happiness that was never here before. We smiled and played and said to the world, this our moment our special encore. But something changed, as the worlds began to break, soon it was night as the light faded away. It breaks me inside for all that is missed, I hope one day you can find your true happiness. Even if shelter is hard to find and I still miss the comfort on those cold winter nights, I know we shall meet again one day.

That was mine that I have written. Some moments I feel like it flows quite well but other times it seems to nice and loviedovie when it should probably be more raspy and drawn. But then to me the song doesn’t overly feel that way to me and it IS supposed to be inspired from it.

If you write one let me know! Either post me the link or leave it in the comments. I find it interesting to read these. 🙂

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