Future sadness

16 years

I hate hate hate to say this, but I have this horrible feeling that someone well known is going to die or cross over soon. o.0 I think it will be within the next week and they are highly likely male, and in a band. I know not everyone believes in predictions or people being able to see the future, but I just felt for some reason I had to say it. I hope that it’s not true, but the feeling is very sickening. >:(

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  1. I’m sorry, Boo! 🙁 I believe in feelings such as those, so I hope it’s…eh, how do you say you hope it’s no one famous? That’s bad, everyone is important, no matter what status they’re at. I just hope they go peacefully.

  2. Just like the thing about Obama is going to only “last” for 2 years?

    That kind of creeped me out.
    And I don’t think it’s going to be impeachment, either.

  3. That is very a very familiar feeling. I tend to get those bad vibes a lot too. And, you know what’s kind of freaky? The other night, I woke up all of a sudden, because something just didn’t feel right. The next morning, I found out that my grandfather tried to kill myself, right around that time that I jumped up.

  4. First of all, cute layout! Secondly, that is weird. I hope noone dies. And your prediction is wrong. I get those feelings some times too but they never come true. I hope yours doesn’t!

  5. I hate that. 🙁 A few months after my brother had left for basic training for the army, I had the worst feeling ever about him. I knew something bad was going to happen and it kept pointing to him. I’d have nightmares about it and random thoughts. Eventually, it turned out good, but he will have permanent damage in his knee. Like two months after my “vision” (you could call it that?), he tripped on a friggin gigantic pine cone and got hurt. Then went off to his second thing of training and got hurt even more from straining. He couldn’t see the doctor for a few days after he got hurt the second time, as he was on some trip thing so, by the time he got back, he had injured it for good. 🙁

  6. I hope nothing bad really happens..

    I read your page about your cats, they are so cute (:
    And I almost cried reading about the cats that passed away. 🙁

  7. You’re definitely not the only one with those feelings. I have a friend who always seems to know when I’m upset or in pain. It’s strange because we don’t live close (she lives in New Mexico and I live in Washington State), but somehow she has that sixth sense about me. It’s both reassuring and kind of freaky all at the same time. *lol*

  8. …i don’t know if this is it coming into fruition, but recently a radio host died whom i was a big fan of. 🙁 his name was richard marsland, he worked as a comedy writer for many TV programs and paneled a few radio shows. he was smart (with a head for movie and music trivia), funny (but never ever offensive) and the nicest man i had ever heard. no-one had a bad word to say about him ever. he wasn’t especially well-known himself (he was far too humble) but he has worked with many well-known Australian people like Rove, Hamish & Andy, Pete Heliar, Shaun Micallef. he took his life on the 6th of december and no-one had any idea he was even depressed or anything, because he was just the nicest guy ever, always smiling and helpful. they found him alone in his car in the dandenong ranges, it was tragic. i have spent the last three days mourning with the rest of his fans – some have met him and some haven’t but through his work on the radio and TV they felt they knew him and all of them are shocked and feel like that have lost a friend. 🙁

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