16 years

I went shopping last week on Tuesday, oh my god. I brought so much stuff (see photo, 1 and 2). Books, DVDs, Toys, gifts and random things. I am going shopping again next week on Tuesday so I can finish off my Christmas shopping. I had great intentions of making sure my cards got sent early this year, duuuh. What happened there? XP

Austar (Pay Tv) is finally on! So many shows and movies it’s great. Although Dad and I already had one argument about it and he got in a really bad mood and hasn’t talked to me for hours, whoops. It’s exciting not to be limited to a few channels. I just have to remember to watch normal free to air TV when shows like Heroes and other random ones are on!

Some final thoughts: Music is a gateway to spiritual understanding. Some believe that if you are to open yourself up your soul is able to sing and breath for the very first time. I do not mean one should simply listen to music and be enlightend you should produce MUSIC that is on a level unknown from human ears, a personal collage of your personal being. Music is created in life every day. In the conversation you share with others, the thoughts you have and the actions and reactions you give to every scenario you are confronted with. Music can be the very core of who you are.

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  1. Aww! My first thought when I saw your site was “SO CUTE!” xD

    That’s a lot of things you’ve bought! :O I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t gotten time to properly shop. I’ve not even done cards yet. They’re never going to get anywhere before Christmas. xD

  2. Ooooh I want to go shopping with you! I haven’t seen such a fabulous bundle of goodies in a while. 🙂

    I agree very strongly with that final thought on music. Music is something I hold very personal and close to my soul – and like you pointed out, not just the music in my itunes but also the sounds and noise of daily life.

    I really liked this… It’s made my mood so much more optimistic.

  3. I love your layout. It’s very creative. I am pretty sure all my Christmas shopping is finished, thank goodness! I spent so much money though. I really hope I don’t run out before I’m able to get a job.

    I hope you and your dad are getting along now. I hate fighting with people. I don’t want people to not talk to me over something silly.

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