February todos

13 years


Can you believe it is February already? :0 Time is going so fast, I need to lift my game if I want to fill this year with a lot of ticks on my life list. So, I will try and make a list of what I want to do this month and hopefully by the end I can say that I have been successful. :B

  • Finish first two units for Uni (PASS THEM)
  • Begin next two units for Uni
  • Continue caring for Poppy full time when he comes home
  • Get my head out of my bum and work on Bubble
  • Adopt out some fanlistings
  • Revamp my Blog
  • Revamp portfolio
  • Create first draft for childrens book (have story basics, plus sketches)

A busy month, but lets hope a productive one. 😉

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  1. I think that they all sound like great goals! Good luck with Uni. I just got my honours mark back today and got first class (high distinction) so trust me, it is totally worth the effort!!

  2. Revamp blog and portfolio are difficult tasks because it has to combine time and inspiration and those two don’t come together very often for me hehehe!

    Your drawings are improving so much 😀 Do you have the story for the book already? I’ll totally buy it!

  3. You and your fabulous brain. 😉 Keep on amazing me, hehe. I admire you, Kya. You’re incredibly smart and talented, I’m sure you’re going to do it, and finish everything on your to-do-list! 😀

    *cheers for you*

    ~ Luana S.

  4. i just wanted to let you know there’s an adorable giraffe on your blog XD lol it’s so cuteeee. You’re really good with drawing as I can tell. I hope you success with the children books.

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