Falling through arched dreams

14 years

The above is my latest effort in the awesome creation that is Adobe Illustrator! I love this program, love it like cupcakes ( x:cupcakestraw: ), cookies and all things wonderful and bright blue! 3_3 It makes the creation of vectors so much easier and you have so many amazing tools to play with.

How is life? Really busy at the moment. Last week I spent 29 hours babysitting in three days, plus trying to look after Poppy and spend time with him and also through in some school work and website work. I have been falling horribly behind in a lot of my website projects and hopefully I can get stuck into them soon (when I have a moment to breath :0 ). I have another 7 hours babysitting today and I am going to be very tired because I am staying with my Poppy tonight and he has been a bit off so sleeping has been out the window. I just have to make sure I am not a zombie :0 , because looking after a two year old you have to be alert and watching all the time! It only takes a second for something to happen and I would hate for anything bad to happen to such a precious little soul.

I have been working on the donation packages for Bubble and I am hoping that everyone that donates will like them. I tried to make a variety of different goodies and I am sure more will be added over time too. ^_^

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  1. Strawberries! 😀 Kya that looks marvelous, dahling. I love the wavey background! ^_^ ♥

    Aww, be sure to get some well-deserved rest! x:chicken: *snuggles*

  2. Wow that’s a lot of babysitting!! I hope you make some time to relax, you’ll really need it 🙂

    I love the strawberry vector! I really want Adobe Illustrator, I’m currently playing around with Aviary. They look rather yummy 4_4

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