Evil Comments Of Doomish Doom

16 years

I spoke too soon. The blank comments are back. *dhasjkdasdjak* I think I could kick them in the face, while smiling. I apologise to any one that did comment on the previous entry about the domain name. If you did comment on that entry and it hasn’t appeared please email me instead at: kassyoshea@gmail.com

I have also decided to sell the domain Jacob-black.net as well, I don’t think I will ever use it. So if anyone is interested I am selling malfoy.nu and Jacob-black.net. (I heard you when you said you are interested Tess, and we’ll talk about it when I catch you online next time.)

Now I am going to eat cute cupcakes, because they are awesome and would never let me down.

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  1. Oh no! Evil comments of doom are never a good thing, and let’s hope they won’t rub off on your cupcakes to make cute cupcakes of doom o.0.

    Thanks so much for the kind comment. I appreciate the offer of help! I’m looking into WordPress now and it seems like it has a lot to offer.

  2. Cupcakes, yay! I love cupcakes, they are my friend and yet my enemy as sometimes they equal to big thighs. D:

    And The Comments of Doom (I will write a short draft on that, too, as I’m suddenly experiencing Attack of the Inspiration) are back! šŸ™ I know it must suck, and I want to work my Tess magic on it, but it seems like it’s a server thing. I don’t understand it, but maybe it’s a plugin messing with the comments or something? It might be simpler to look into a new CMS, although WordPress *might* top all; I guess you’ll see. I hope it heals in time, as I know that is frustrating.

    And yes, I am still thinking about the domain. I keep missing you, booooo!

  3. After seemingly centuries – when it fact, it was only months – the bane of Kya’s existence ceased to exist – no pun intended, of course. All the hair pulling, the gouging of the eyes and the run of the makeup, gone. No more hesitant moments of checking in on things only to bang around and glare furiously at the bright light in front of her in utter frustration.

    She was at peace and she was happy. The Gods – Justice, possibly, she was always a secretive one – were on her side. The self-abuse ended and her time away was spent better. She could laugh at the bright light and not fear the work behind it. Kya’s pain was gone.

    Only to come again! Justice – the bloody wanker – was not on her side, and was in fact against her. Kya could not laugh and spend her free time – *cough*DracoSylarRyanGoslingMovies*cough* – leisurely. The banging around and the glaring continued and as she stared at her computer screen, she angrily though, The Comments of Doom are back!

    (Dun, dun, dun! OK, maybe no so inspiring, but still. Feel free to delete this, I don’t mean to make fun. ;))

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