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Ok at the moment their is so many errors running around I have to try and fix some things! I have a new layout up and have added heaps to the me section! I worked on that for two days :S it’s probably boring but nevermind šŸ˜› hehe.

In good news I will be getting the money for my reseller tommorow so I don’t know what I am going to do about fixing alot of the problems now i’m thinking about what i’m doing haha. And I will be getting a domain for the hogwarts Role Play as long as it’s running before the book comes our I shall be pleased šŸ™‚ so untill I get the domain working on that may slow down a tad.

I am so sorry i haven’t commented on anyones site for a while now, so thanks to those people who have been coming back. lovings <3 I have decided to close a few of my hostees if I have decided to close you then you will recieve an e-mail if not your fine šŸ˜€ I really just want to host blogs now because it’s more interesting, and I think hosting people that I actually talk to and talk to me is another good factor. So I will see how everything goes. Anyway better get going now šŸ™‚ love to all!!

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  1. HoTTTT layout. *rawr* Draco-kins <33333.
    =falls in love with kya= xD
    Your stuff is never boring to me.
    Hope you’ll get they reseller soon. Yay – I hope the roleplay site will be running soon.
    I totally understand about the whole hostee thing.

  2. I love this new layout, man Draco is such a wiatch, AND his hair? it?s so WHITE-BLONDE! OH so you are getting a reseller then, and a domain for the Hogwarts RPG? That?s cool! šŸ˜€ Where did you get the money at? Wahoo! I?m sure you?ll get it running before the next book comes out, that?s still awesome you are getting it! Good luck fixing those errors, I?ll check out your ‘me’ section when I?m done commenting. Good job getting stuff done. You have be n really busy and stuff, that?s understandable you haven?t really had time to do a lot of commenting.

    In response to your comment: Hehe I’m glad you are happy, you are so sweet! It’s not a sure thing, we are just now entered in the drawing to win – our mortgage paid off for a year -. So yeah, the 13th was the last day they were picking names from those who entered the contest a while back. my mom was one of the last one’s eligible. We are getting that 100 dollars though regardless, so it’s still cool with me. It’s probably going towards the new puppy when we get him! šŸ˜€ I can understand with the hostees, hopefully everything works out and they can find somewhere else. I like the site as well, haha it?s funny! I can?t see how people can actually speak and understand that all though. šŸ˜®

    Bye Mrs. Malfoy!

    Haha your comment made me laugh a lot with all your jokes, I just woke up, and I got them, so I?m good to go!. šŸ˜›

  3. Hmm, I see I am glad you decided to keep me, I guess you don’t have to.. but, lol.. So..everything is chaotic for you? Hmm, well..I see, gotta go now! byee <3

  4. It’s alright if you aren’t getting around to commenting. Everyone has a busy life šŸ™‚ I shall explore your site now šŸ˜€ Haha and about your post at my site, no, no one abused me, they just didn’t respect me.

    I am glad you are getting the money šŸ˜€ You are going to be one happy girl now huh šŸ˜›

  5. Oppsies. I forgot to comment on your lovely new layout šŸ˜€ Good job mi’ love and my page didnt load with any errors so I think you might of fixed them? *shrugs* Sorry for the second post …*must try and not do that again*

  6. I’m very much liking the new layout. šŸ™‚ And the new content is cool – not boring at all.

    Yay for your reseller money. šŸ™‚

  7. Yay, a new layout! Me loves it…*tickles the green*

    You are AMAZING for fixing all of that technical schtuff…thanks soooo much! šŸ™‚

    Wo0t! You’re getting money for your reseller! And a domain for the hogwarts site! *switches to Professor Flitwick and dances around*

    Ohhh, that’s sad that we’ve lost some people…oh well, I have to agree with you that you need to -communicate- with your hostees! I do hope I’ve been talking enough wit you- I’ve been really hectic at school, doing my ruddy speech and everything >.< Well, have a good day! *hugs*

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