19 years

As yee can see I have changed the layout, I do like it but am getting dom withdrawels, but for now it fits really nicely.

My computer is being such an idiot, it is just totally falling to the crapper! It says it needs a BIOS upgrade but I have to find out who makes the motherboard so I can go to their website and upgrade, but alas I am not the brightest sparkle in the show.

I also want to thank everyone for coming to my site, I have been metting alot of new people lately and I love it. You can never know enough people so thanks and look after yourself πŸ™‚


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  1. Aww your site’s so pretty, I love your new layout! Grr I hate when computers are stupid…mine’s been having problems lately too. well take care! πŸ™‚

  2. I love the new layout! It feels poetic. It’s just thoughtful and beautiful. (( Green reminds me of slytherin ( draco xD ) . ))

    withdrawels are crappy. Hope you’ll be un-withdraweled soon.

    love love you.

  3. I love your layout – it just looks so damn cool πŸ™‚
    sorry to hear you’ve been having computer troubles *hugs* hope you manage to get it all sorted

  4. This is a nice new layout. Good job Kya. πŸ˜€ I love the colors and the effects. Woooo! :cute: Sorry about your computer again, it seems like it’s really giving your problems, you should definitely look up information on the problems with that brand of computer if you haven’t already. That way if it’s a common thing you’ll have proof and at least know it’s not any fault of yours. Good luck! You?re welcome. That?s cool you are meeting lots of new people. πŸ™‚

  5. πŸ™‚ hey babe! wow! this is such a fantastic layout hun! seriously it is, the blend totally rocks! can i eat it? xD don’t ask… πŸ˜€ I’m glad your having fun but sorry to hear about your comp πŸ™ if my comp started going haywire I’d die :'( lol. I hope you find out whats wrong and it can be sorted out easily! I love you so much! *mwah* xoxo

  6. I simply love the layout. Its so nifty! Ugh, my computer is dumb too…I’m sure one day, I’m going to throw it out the window πŸ˜› Love the site!

  7. Aww yah it is always great to get to know new people. I haven’t gotten to know alot but I have some few. You being one of them. I love the new layout. It is cute. I was thinking of doing a green layout also. I think I am starting to like green lol. But I am just going to wait and see whatever. Lol Sorry about the Motherboard thing…=/ Hope everything works out there.

  8. Heey, awesum layout, its very pretty! Bah I hate it when comps are messed πŸ˜› Yay, I like meeting new people also πŸ™‚ I’im going to lunk you with the new layout.

  9. The border around the textarea/input is still bluish so it’s very hard to see notice it. Lol. But, the layout is very lovely. The colors are great, and well, bold. Great job! I really like it.

    Haha, you’re right, you can never meet enough people! Lol. It’s always nice to have someone new start commenting on your site, as long as they leave *meaningful* comments. Poo, sorry to hear your computer is going in with the rest of ’em! Like I said before, everyones’ computers are needing something fixed.. they just don’t run as they should. I wonder why? Some kind of spring virus? Haha.

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