Drink Positive.

16 years

I have made a few changes to this here site. I added old Grey Matter entries that I found backed up on some random disk. I was so pleased to find them because I thought I had lost them forever. They are from 2004/2005ish and be warned I was such a crazy kid then (if you have a look). I also removed many affiliates that had either dead sites or no longer linked back to me. So with so many gone if anyone does want to affiliate with me now, I would love too. πŸ™‚

My computer is acting up and really annoying me. Dad offered to buy me a new one. I felt guilty at first with the idea, but I may just take him up on that offer. I have to go to Sydney to have a look and if may be a few weeks, but luckily I have the internet working again!

My birthday is in 6 days. :O

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