Don’t wanna be an Australia Idiot

19 years

Howdy, Ok I have now worked myself into a better mood even with killing cramps oh how I hate and loath them! Well it’s Tamsins ( BIRTHDAY so please go and wish her all the love 🙂 I also want to say that Kaori ( and Rain ( are such beautiful people. But I want to give large and annoying hugs to Leasy ( who really helped me be happy and I know that cow will love you 😀

I was and am trying to save for a reseller but I went and brought people gifts today but it felt really nice to buy things for other people. It was really furfilling.

I think I need to change this layout but I am still in total lust with Dom so I might change it to a layout with dom again but maybe with some pink of green or something who knows I certain don’t *tap dances*

I totally love Green day.

I know sometimes I was confused about who I am. I was getting frustraighted and being an idiot and I realise the person I am is someone who is kind and giving. I want to help other people but I don’t want to be used. But I also realise I can’t know what other people are thinking and it’s not something I should worry about all the time. As long as I put that space of myself being happy and confortable then my real friends will be as well.

Ok I think I better go and try and patch things up with mum after I broke her vase 🙁


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  1. Hello there *waves* This is such a cute layout and Green Day rocks. They’re so much better live though. If you haven’t seen em, you should. Majorly snazzy. 😛

  2. aw, aren’t you just a sweetheart?, plugging all your friends! =).
    Yes, Green day’s awesome, they rock major ass, one of my favorite bands, i must say.
    Don’t worry about being confussing, that happens to everyone sometime in their life, even to me, and yeah, i’m scared to be used too, the other day i had a discussion with a guy who was supossed to be my best friend, we were ‘best friends’, and then he comes and tells me all that stupid things about that i’m just nice and because i help him, that’s just why he’s my friend, i was kind of sad =(, but nowi feel better, i just won’t talk him anymore, pure evil -_-, Damn, i’m talking too much… lol, i’lkl shut my mouth now, xox

  3. Aww. Thanks for the mention. I love you Kya. :heart: Glad you’re feeling better. Remember, if you ever need to talk, I’m always on msn. 🙂 Indeed, Green Day do rock. Billie Joe is mine! Haha! :yummy: xxx

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