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Inspired by a blog post that Sarah posted and the Youtube #DearMe campaign (in celebration of International Women’s Day) I have made this post to give advice to my younger self (and maybe even take something away for my future self).

Dear Me – 15 years ago
You are at a confusing time in your life. Many things are starting to change and a new century has just dawned. Enjoy what you are doing now, but remember actions do have consequences. You have ideas about what you want to do in life, keep dreaming and hold that inspiration close to your heart. Our path in life may change, but creativity is at the very core of who we are. Don’t worry so much about how different your thoughts can be, but understand that there is a reason and try and channel that in creativity areas, rather then how you are right now. Don’t allow so much of yourself to be consumed with other people. You can not tell people how to live, you can not control their lives, no matter if you think that in doing so, you are helping. You don’t have all the answers and that is okay!

Dear Me – 10 years ago
You are growing and learning many new things. You are meeting many amazing people that are going to be in your life for a long time. You just turned 18, and guess what? 10 years later and you still don’t feel like a proper adult person yet, so don’t worry about it. Try to enjoy yourself, enjoy your friends, spend precious time with your family and don’t be so critical of yourself. Everything can change so quickly. Web design is a lot of fun, so keeping making lots of designs and learning and developing your skills. Take the time to appreciate, but don’t stress about the future. Talk to your mum about some of the things you are going through, she will understand, you don’t have to hide them.

Dear Me – 5 years ago
There is a storm that is brewing. You have been through some rocky patches, but the very nature of your character and person is going to be tested. Appreciate every second that you have with your family. EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. Because when they are gone, you would do anything to have just one second back. Don’t feel that you have to distance yourself from your friends, because they care about you and want to support you. Don’t feel that your problems are meaningless, or that life is just too hard. Yes, you are going through a horribly traumatic time and there will be more lightning and thunder. But guess what? We still made it. As hard as it is and is going to be, we still made it. Don’t forget to have some time for you, to do some creative projects that allow you a mental escape. Don’t believe everything you hear. Try and remember that you are a good person, capable of giving love and receiving it. Remember, I love you.

If you do a #DearMe blog post, I would love to read it! Just link it in the comments below.
Or tell me what message you would give to your past self?

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  1. Oh, this is a neat blog entry! Very personal, and yet very inspiring and introspective for your past and future selves.

    I’m trying to remember myself 15, 10, and 5 years ago, and I feel like my messages would pretty much remain the same! I’d pretty much tell myself that my experiences have led to discover who’s my real friends and who’s not, and that I’m always strong and I’m always true to myself. So, yeah, I feel like my messages would be the same ^^;

    Kudos to you for writing these messages to yourself!

  2. YAY! I love that you kept my format 🙂 I thought it was a neat way of doing it.

    It also makes me wonder how long we’ve known each other, it feels like forever 🙂

    I hope it’s something you’re able to look back on in the future as a reminder and that it will give you strength 🙂

    1. So I was curious and looked in my email trying to find the earliest moment we might have had contact. I found an old Despair email from 2008 where I had to comment on your site. 😀

      Random fact, right thar.

  3. This is such a lovely idea. Just shows how much you’ve grown as a person, and that you are able to understand your highs and lows.

  4. Wow…. I wonder what should I write to myself tho.. I guess I have been living a super fast life that I don’t remember what I did back then XD It is indeed inspiring to read yours tho.. hmm.. should I write one too? XD

    -off topic- omo, I missed reading your blog! i remembered visiting your blog a lot before (a few years back)

    1. I think you should write one if you want one. It is always interesting to think about where we are in life and how we have travelled to our current destination!

  5. This DearMe campaign brings positivity among us girls 🙂 Congratulation on being the person you are now. Continue being a strong lady! 🙂

  6. Very beautiful post. Honestly, I would say so much to my past self, it isn’t funny, so much so, I wouldn’t know where to start, you know?

    1. I can understand what you mean. It was a bit easier, to have specific times to write a message, rather than a general letter to my past self.

  7. I love this entry idea. Should do this myself, although I’d probably get stuck at the 15 years ago part since that part of my life was pretty blurry.
    But, yours came out beautiful. I enjoyed it.

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