Dear Internet

9 years

Dear Internet,

While you had not been working properly for the past twenty days it had been a challenge. I do apologise that I swore at you, called you names and generally fired some hate in your direction. However, it has been difficult as I realised how much I have become dependent on you (study, entertainment, social, creative, all the things). So, here are some of the changes I have had to make and things I have been doing to amuse myself without you.

  1. Defer studies until next term (Eh >:)  )
  2. Taking photos of the snow (We haven’t had such a good fall of snow since 2011!)
  3. Dying my hair pink again (Tick another one off the 30 Before 30)
  4. Playing with my new iMac and iPad Air 2 (So nice to have a computer that works so well)
  5. Making illustrated vector avatars for friends
  6. Making some pixel emoticons
  7. Watching so many random shows on TV

Love Kya

It has been a bit of a drama, especially since I have had trouble connecting properly and haven’t been able to load study material for Uni ;_;. That was why I had to defer my studies until next term, because I missed three weeks of work and an assignment deadline and I couldn’t do anything about it. Ironically the very day that I purchased Internet with another provider (that requires an external antenna to work) my old internet starts working again. Now I am on a contract with the new one for 24 months, but because it does not work normally, I might be able to get out of it (I haven’t even been able to activate the new one yet). But then I worry if my old one drops out again….. Poop.

1. How much do you rely on the internet?
2. Have you ever had an internet outage (over an extended time)?
3. If you have, what did you do while it was out?

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  1. You’ll actually see me online most of the time, especially during Friday night and the weekends. I’d rather date internet over out and the nightlife activities. I can consume more than 8 hours a day, and I am happy with it. It seems that I cannot live without the internet. But somehow, it’s really bad that I tend to forget all my schoolworks because of it- studying for quizzes and stuff. Same with yours, I also did a lot of changes and diverted all my attention to something so that I can avoid the internet temptations. One of it is yes, taking photos and asking for friends to do some photoshoot sessions, I listen to music then try to sleep & also, I read and write. But though, it should always depends on us as to how we consume it- with purpose or not 🙂

    1. Those are some good ideas on things to do if it’s out or if you’re trying to avoid it. It’s not easy sometimes. >.<

  2. I’ve had times in the past when my Internet would kaput, and it drove me nuts. If I had to check my emails and get things done, I went to the local PC cafe (called PC Bang here), and luckily they’re only like $1.00 an hour, which is affordable, but not convenient when I want Internet at home!

    I’m so sorry you had so many Internet problems and it lasted 20 days!!! I’d have been super pissed and not dealt it very well X_X; It especially sucks you had to defer your studies. Were you able to get refund for that term? Or something? I hope next term works out better for you!

    1. Thankfully I did receive some compensation for the time it was out, so that is something. I wish that I could have gone to an Internet Cafe or library, but I don’t have any close. I do have a backup internet now though ahaha.

  3. I dont’ know if we would have survived with dodgy internet for so long. I’m definitely spoiled here with my NBN. Our internet died for about 6 hours a few weeks ago and we were hotspotting from our phones and then went out for icecream 😛

    I love the avatars! Especially the one with the star and moon headband. I didn’t realise until I clicked on the link that it’s your own domain, I thought it was a new social media thing 😛

  4. That really sucks. It’s cool though that you managed to still be uber-productive without it. 🙂 The vector set looks adorable!

    Oh gosh, I rely HEAVILY on the internet. Internet = LIFE. However, I always try to take some time every week off of it too- but briefly only though.

  5. 20 days is a long time without internet! I’ve come to rely on it sooo much. I keep so many docs online, and I use online weather and map apps all the time. There’s been a few times where internet went out at work, and it just forced everyone to go home. That’s how much we need it!

    I’m glad you still found ways to be productive though! The avatars and pixels you made are really cute 🙂 I also love the pink color you chose for your hair. I hope your internet stays up this time!

  6. I feel your pain, especially since my modem keeps kicking me off in the middle of work. It’s like the universe sees that you might need to unplug for a bit, but finds the worst times to make you do it.

  7. I feel your pain too (in smaller doses) since my wireless and 3g was down! I realized how used I was to being online (which is bad). It feels weird without wireless and incredibly boring. But in a way, it was a good break for me to reflect. Now that I have them back, yay I feel relieved. 😀

    1. It could be worse if one day we are personally plugged in and the system goes now then….. dun dun, dun dun (terminator music).

  8. Eek! I just looked at the avatars and the pixel icons you made, so adorable!!!! That’s too bad about your internet. 🙁 I hate when mine goes out, I rely on it so much!!

    1. How much do you rely on the internet? a lot! For uni, or even just catching up with friends, or relaxing and playing games or watching movies! Infact, I probably need a better hobby!
    2. Have you ever had an internet outage (over an extended time)? Once when I was working, our whole farm was on one exchange. And some of the workers had no internet. When we called to sort it out, the techs were very rude saying that it was a coincidence and *all* of our routers were broken! It lasted only about a week or so. I watched a lot more TV then normal, that week! And it did turn out to be an issue on their end, not ours!
    3. If you have, what did you do while it was out? I watched TV, mainly, or slept early! Because we lived away from town or any shops or anything, there was nothing to do except watch TV or sleep. I didn’t even have any books to read because they were packed away. 🙁

  9. I certainly rely on the internet. I’m sure I’d manage to keep myself occupied without it, I read a lot anyway, but I wouldn’t be able to do uni work at home without internet and I really hate working in uni so that would certainly be an inconvenience. I did have problems for a few weeks during an exam diet last year, but that was with my computer not picking up the network rather than a problem with the internet itself, so I could use my phone to get online, thankfully. If that hadn’t worked I’d have been wasting three hours of study time each day travelling to uni and back again (yes, my commute is not fun).

  10. Hopefully your internet is up and running again! (Or soon at the very least :)). The internet brings lots of opportunities and happiness but at the same time, frustration if it doesn’t work properly.

    I’m sorry to hear that you have to defer your studies :(. I can’t believe there are so much problems with the internet! We have internet outages once in a while, depending on what’s going on in the community. On the bright side, I can focus on things off the internet in the time being.

    1. Thank you. Everything seems to be running just fine now (although I can’t help feeling that I am about to jinx myself…….). xD

  11. Oh man! I’ve gone for months without Internet until just recently! It sucked haha but life went on. Although for you, seeing how you rely on it for studies, this is not acceptable! I feel for you.. are you nearby a library? Living without Internet has taught me to be a little more resourceful I suppose. Consolidating and troubleshooting in real time. I had to go to fedex a number of times just to be able to apply for a new lease >< it was a pain. I did a lot of work from my phone, too. I'm not sure what sort of infrastructure you have, but I'm sure your Internet will get resolved soon. And it sounds like in the meantime you are deferring wisely 🙂 good luck!

    1. That would be hard if it was out for months. x_x I don’t live in an area where there are any places I can go to get internet. No library or stores or anything like that. So it made it difficult. I was able to suss out another provider though, so if things go belly up again, I have a backup! 😀

  12. I’m sorry to hear about your internet woes, Kya! 🙁 It’s hard to believe that these days it can be hard to do things without the internet, even if it’s not impossible to live without it. A lot of things are moving online and I am really sad to hear that you had to defer your studies because of this. I honestly wish I could help you out and offer suggestions but I know you made the right choice given your current situation.

    I have had the internet go down on me many times when I have actually consistently needed it, and it was irritating trying to work at the library or at a cafe to get a wireless connection. Once I walked all the way to the library because my internet wasn’t working and we didn’t have a car available, only to find the internet was actually down, despite me having booked a session on the computer. GRRRR!

    I am glad you were able to find things to do to keep you busy and entertained! 🙂 Sometimes I think I need to have a bit of time off the internet, here and there, as it can help me give more attention to other important things too. And find new recreational activities. 😀

    Best of luck getting the internet stable from now on, some internet providers are so poo.

  13. Can totally relate with your post huhu it really annoys me when my internet’s not working properly. I am a total internet slave, I just use it for every little thing. :3 :3

  14. Oh no! That really stinks, but I’m glad you could make use of it. Sometimes it does help to be disconnected.

    I’ve been interning since May, and I don’t have internet in my apartment. Thank GOODNESS I’m almost done. There’s internet at work and at Starbucks, but it’s a pain to have to go out if I need to study or get something done. That, and watching Netflix on my phone just isn’t cutting it anymore, haha.

    Your vector avatars are SO cute!

    1. It’s good that you have the options there so it’s not a major necessity to have, and probably keeps you focussed as well. I don’t have access to any places close to home where it is available, so I need to have it. >.< Thank you!

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