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15 years

I found this deliciously cute theme called Crafty Cart and I had to use it (on my blog, not Live Journal). Maybe one day I will actually create my own. :[

I brought a shopping magazine for Tweens (haha) and it has so many absolutely adorable items. I have either plans to make a section on the website of shops I love (in greater detail compared to the simple section under links I have now), or even create another website for this. My bookmarks are so full of stores that sell cute/unique/quirky items. Sometimes it’s more fun browsing around these sites then actually buying at them, maybe that is just me. 😉

Wow. I just realised it was September 11. Hard to believe that the attacks on New York were so many years ago.

What are your favourite online stores?

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  1. Aw cute theme! 😀 Good choice, I say. 🙂 I started creating WordPress themes not long ago. I guess I had some layouts ready and just converted them.

    It’s not just you – I browse a lot of online stores without buying anything. I get such satisfaction from seeing cute things. It’s tempting to buy, but I am more tempted to impulse buy when I’m actually physically shopping (thank goodness. If domains were sold in shops I think I’d be in big trouble).

    I browse random users on, and I’ve looked at the stuff at is somewhere I really like browsing. 🙂

  2. You can get a wonderful sense of achievement when you create them, especially when you have just started or are in the ‘learning zone’. It’s hard to believe how far I have come with putting them together as compared to when I started. It’s nothing for me to create sites based around WordPress now (Bubble, my upcoming portfolio, etc). It just takes a bit to get over the hurdle of it being so big and having bits of code hanging over your head like spikes. I will stop being lazy, and stop looking at the pretty themes of others. 😛

    I am glad I am not alone there haha. Oh yes, if domains were in stores it would be dangerous! I would have hundreds of them sitting on my shelves with my books.. but that would mean they would also have to have some matter as well. The future, perhaps. is awesome, I love there stuff but haven’t brought anything yet. Whoops. :B

  3. Haha you ought to find a turntable some time, by the way. Go scrounging!

    I know how you feel! Only a year ago I was using iframes, still using Paint, and Cutenews. I had terrible designing skills and I hadn’t even heard of other browsers besides Internet Explorer. Though I’ve been on the web world for many years, I have only just moved ahead. 🙂 The PHP coding for WordPress was sooo confusing. I’m glad I got my head around it, muahahha.

    I remember finding out about them when my friend got a guitar pick bracelet from there. I was inspired to make my own so I made a guitar pick necklace and have been wearing it for many years. 8D

  4. I love this theme! It’s adorable. As long as it’s pretty, it works, and you acknowledge the creator I don’t think it matters if you use a theme created by somebody else.

    I don’t really shop online. Well, except at Amazon and Borders (a couple of times). I’ve been thinking it’s time for a book buying spree so maybe I will (after I get back the money I spent buying my sister a Disneyland annual pass and a couple of other things).

  5. Very cute theme! I love the illustration of the tiny apple. :3

    And yes, please make a ‘fav shops’ section! My bookmarks is loaded too with nice, foreign stores which I can never buy from, but are fun to look at. It would be nice seeing some more that you have discovered. My favorite online shop: FredFlare!! 🙂 I have never bought from there yet (don’t have a credit card) but I will for sure buy something from there someday. They have a nicest stuff…

  6. HELLO! Ahh I love the theme – it’s so you?! I was convinced it was your own creation! 😛

    Am I just extremely sad and boring but my favourite online shop is just Amazon… it has everything I need, and at usually the cheapest prices (I mostly buy music and books, and it’s always decently priced). I know what you mean about just wanting to browse though – that’s what I feel like for! But generally, I don’t tend to buy too many things online – only books/music.

    You should make your own shop! :O

  7. Oh I LOVE FredFlare. I wish they would ship to Australia that really annoys me as I can’t buy anything at all. 🙁 Meanies.

  8. Tricky me. XP Amazon is really great, I hope that they make an Australian one soon I really do. Because I would LOVE to buy from it but the postage is just way to expensive if you want to buy a lot of items (like a whole bundle of books as I normally do haha).

  9. *waves* 😀

    The theme is adorable! It fits your cute style. 🙂

    I love Shana Logic. I bought a babydoll dress with a raven on it not too long ago from there and it has become one of my favorite things to wear.

    I buy a lot of my jewelry from Etsy. There’s a shop on there called MoonFaces that I adore.

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