Christmas 2015

8 years

Merry Christmas to everyone around the world. I hope you had/have a great day. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you still have great holidays and an awesome 2016!

My Christmas was spent with my mum and dad. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot (a typical Australian Christmas is usually icky heat and trying to stay cool). I was lucky to receive a new drawing tablet and some awesome gifts from friends that did the christmas gift exchange with me. Included below is a lot of images of gifts and what was included in the cards that I sent this year (all photos are from my phone, because I was feeling a bit lazy ahha).

Gifts from mum & Dad

Drawing tablet, owl charm, owl door sign, selfie stick (hahah), owl stickers & Fererro’s.

Owl door sign, although she looks a little bit too friendly. Hehe.

Owl charm. This is really cute. I think he might be missing his nose, but I don’t mind. >.<

Wacom Intuos (medium) drawing tablet. My first drawing, was of course Christmas inspired.


Christmas doodle with my new drawing tablet.

Christmas cards that I have received.

Now, in alphabetical order…

Gifts fromΒ Christine

So many cute things! Puzzle Cards, earphones, plush, mini scissors, phone pouch, charm plush, little sticker gold plated thing, charm plush, lucky cat figure, mini panda notebook, roll friends eraser, butterfly purse, Shaun the sheep keychain and mini hello kitty notebook.

This plush is just so adorable.

I couldn’t resist having a mini photo-shoot with it haha.

Gifts from Claire

So much awesome. Colour rocks, hello kitty stationery holder, large notebook, deer charm, handmade bracelet, handmade bookmark, strawberry, butterfly charm thingys, colour sticky notes, under construction journal, owl card, leaf charms, owl charm, mini fox notebook & a cute string lighting thing, which I had wanted and never got one. She even included the batteries which was nice. πŸ˜€

You can see the light string. I need to try and set it up in my bookshelf so it looks pretty!

Gift from Crystal

Really lovely earrings and K necklace. ?

Gifts from Georgie

A deeply thoughtful Happiness Journal and jewellery (see below)

Lots of pretty earrings and a wise old owl necklace. ;D

All the earrings!

Gifts from Sarah

Very cool owl stickers, owl card (with candy), rainbow healing candle, white duck that changes colours, cupcake stationery set, bath fizzer set, sprinkles ring and ice-cream card.

This duck has serious personality and I love it. ?

It was so exciting to open these gifts and find so many wonderful things. It was a lot of fun doing the exchange this year and I hope that the gifts I sent were enjoyed. ?

What did I send in my Christmas cards this year? Well, I am glad you asked (?). I love to make my cards fun and include some extras.Β So, have a peek.

Snowman Postcard

This was one of the postcards that I designed for this year. I wanted something that was simple and cute.

Cloud Postcard

This was the second postcard that I designed. I included one of each postcard.

My avatar stickers


Personal business card thing

It’s not technically a business card, but it’s in that format (kind of). It was just basically an extra thing I wanted to include.

Owl Charms

Two different owl charms.

Snowflake Charms

I included several of these in each card.

Cute Stickers

I thought it would be a lot of fun to include stickers, but I had to be able to fit them in an envelope. I had to end up folding these because they were bigger then I thought.

Cute sticky notes

I had a number of different cute sticky notes (I had them sent at random, and also sent them out at random).

Mini memo notes

Maybe it’s just me and my crazy stationery addiction, but I thought it would be a nice treat to have a mini memo as well.

Cello Bags

The smaller items were placed in a cello bag. I think these are such adorable bags to use for gifts. Normally they are used for food.

And that my friends, is a wrap.

1. How was your Christmas?
2. What gifts did you get?
3. Did you create any new traditions?

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  1. Everything looks so great! I love seeing the cards you sent out for that exchange! Especially the ‘naughty or nice’ one πŸ˜€ The stick markers are very cute too!
    Thank you again for your gift, your book is up on my shelf! And the burger cushion takes prime spot on the couch, it’s so fluffy and soft!
    I’m not much of a christmas person generally, yours was the first exchange I’ve joined, potentially ever πŸ˜› I was fortunate this year to get your hand designed card and also a card from a friend that she made herself so that was nice. Plus a bunch of presents and nice dinners πŸ™‚ I got my first Kindle too! YAY πŸ™‚

    I don’t know if I made any new traditions.. I would kind of like to make the Christmas dinners (as opposed to Christmas lunch) a thing as it was quite nice to get up and just relax and not have to think about the places I had to be.

  2. β€˜And that my friends, is a wrap.’ LOL is this a pun? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I’m glad you liked your present! I knew you would go mad over all the cute earrings. Looks like everyone got you a lot of owl things too. It was fun exchanging gifts with you, I definitely prefer to give than to receive, but I seem to have gotten a lot of presents this year including yours. xD xD

    I got a lot of dark chocolate (my favourite haha), a Pandora bracelet and a couple of charms, a fancy silver ring, a tea flask, a tea strainer, a shower and body lotion set, nail polish, a giant Doctor Who mug, a handmade skirt from a friend of mine… I think that’s it haha πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  3. When it’s winter time, it’s cold, raining, and sometimes windy. The other times, it can be hot, have winds, or have no winds. The weather here can get a little weird, but I got use to it. That’s a lot of cool gifts. I got a lot of chocolate food. I don’t have to buy chocolate food for a while. It looks like a life time supply. Haha. xD I like the owl door sign. Your Christmas doodle on your drawing tablet and the plush is cute. The snowflake charms is cool. I love the stickers and the mini memo notes.

    1. How was your Christmas? It was good.
    2. What gifts did you get? $40, Ross Gift Card, LED Light, and 2 t-shirts.
    3. Did you create any new traditions? Since my mom works early on Christmas Day, we open one present on Christmas Eve.

  4. Merry Christmas Kya!!! ?? I’m so happy you had a great one ^~^ I adore the drawing tablet, kinda want one now…

    You got so many owls! Hahaha that’s awesome. Looks like the Christmas exchange was a lovely success, going to have to join in next time πŸ™‚

    And I need to order some of your stationary supplies, they’re adorable. Beautiful work as always.

    Sending you love and wishing you the happiest of new years. ?✌

  5. You got great gifts! I’m jealous of your Intuos. That’s the one I want too πŸ™‚ All of the owl things are so cute!

    Yay, I see my card there πŸ™‚ I’m glad your gift and card exchange went so well. People picked out nice things for you! And thanks again for your card! I loved everything in it!

    My Christmas was pretty good. I spent it with both my family and my in-laws. I got many gifts off of my wishlist! They included photography gear, a tea set, video games, and manga/Anime πŸ™‚

  6. Happy Holidays, Kya! Hope you had a great Christmas! It looks like you got a lot of cute goodies! Hurray for getting a drawing tablet! I’m sure you’ll love doodling your cute artwork with it ;).

    The things that people got for you are awesome! The K necklace is especially adorable. People knew you too well when it comes to giving you Owl-things XD. The things you gave to people are cute!

    My Christmas was great, but no new traditions. Maybe another year~!

  7. You got so many cool things! That’s so awesome. We have the same Wacom tablet!! XD I have the smallest one though, and I haven’t been using it much. A Wacom Cintiq is my dream, but it’s so expensive. :’)

    1. Some of them can be really expensive. I really like the one I have now, it works well and I have enough space. The smaller ones would be more difficult.

  8. Aw, you got such cute things! =3 I’m jealous of that duck, haha! I love ducks! And Fererro’s are the best. =3 I got some of those too!

    Sorry if my card hasn’t reached you yet. I ended up sending my cards later then I had wanted. ^^;;

  9. Wow, all your gifts are amazing! Having a gift exchange is such a cool idea and looks like it was a lot of fun.

    I love your new tablet! I’d love a drawing tablet, but I’m not that great at drawing so it might be a bit pointless. I love your artwork!

    I got money, chocolates and a iPhone-controlled BB-8 for Christmas, as well as lots of other little bits. Hope you had a great one!

  10. Aw, what a wonderful stash of gifts, Kya! πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing! Seeing those made it feel more Christmas-y than anything else for me!

    I see my card there! Yay!

    Thank you again for your cards and goodies! I love it! Happy holidays to you, Kya! Best wishes to you in 2016! ^^

  11. Yay for Merry Christmasses!

    I just got a book and some money from the family, but that was all I wanted πŸ˜€ I’m difficult to buy for I think.

  12. Heehee, I couldn’t resist sending you a little something. I am so glad I did! Your cards were so wonderful, and sweet! Not to mention inspiring! I really want to step up my game next year!

    I found everything you sent useful, and so fun!! :DDDD

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful, and full of love and owls! xo

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