Christmas 2014

9 years

I hope everyone had a really nice Christmas and enjoyed spending time with family, friends or however you chose. If you exchange gifts, I hope you got some lovely presents!

It was a nice day for me, spent with mum and dad. I received a TV for my bedroom along with wireless headphones so I can spend time gaming in my room on my PS3. I also got an owl calendar, some notebooks and a cute owl money box.


Owl Calendar


Cute 2015 Diary


Notebooks & Stickers


Owl Money Box


Lovely card from mum & dad


Our traditional ‘star’ on top of the tree, Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo….

Georgie sent me some really cool jewellery that I love. Owls forever, hooooot. 😀

I also have a box from Claire that I have not opened yet, waiting until she gets her gifts. 😉

1. How did you celebrate the holidays?
2. What gifts did you receive?
3. Have any plans for new years?

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  1. Glad you had a good holiday. I just spend some time with a friend, and bought a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff for myself with the money my parents sent me. No plans for New Year’s for me.

  2. you’ve got some sweet gifts (: glad you spend the holidays with family 😀

    my family stopped giving gifts since I was a child. the last time I had a bunch of gifts was when I was 15 and they were all from church friends XD

    but I’ve an aunt who ALWAYS gets me gifts–usually things that are practical (a pair of socks) or not suited for me at all (a lovely bag that I passed on to my mom, a swarovski crystal that I kept in my drawer until I am not sure what happened to it). this year she gave me hand cream. I guess I could use it even though I’ve never used it before XD

    mele kalikimaka~

    1. Sometimes practical gifts are really good, because they can be things that you actually need. xD It’s probably different when you have kids though and if you give them gifts. 🙂

  3. Woot woot! Merry Christmas darling! Lovely pictures as usual. I love peeking into your life. 🙂
    I had steamboat with the family for Christmas. It was delicious! 😀 Festive period is always family time for me and I love when everyone gets together.

  4. I’m so glad you had a great Christmas Kya and got to spend it with your family ! You got a lot of really cute things, I especially love the owl money box. Sooo cute !!
    Wishing you a very safe & happy new year 😀

  5. Those owls are so cute! I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas day with your folks, it sounds like it was a lovely time. 🙂

    I spent it with the hubby- We made our first Christmas / turkey dinner, along with all the extra goodies. It was wonderful. |)

  6. Hope you enjoyed the holidays and getting all of these great gifts! Especically with the new TV ;). You always have the cutest stationery stuff! From cutesy jounrnals to stickers to figurines! Owls are definitely your thing ;).

    I don’t really have much plans for the New year’s, most of my celebration will be after New year’s. Happy holidays!

  7. That’s nice that you got a TV for Christmas! You got so many cute things too. I really like the squirrel design on the diary, and the owl money box is adorable. I’m glad you had a good Christmas day!

    I celebrated with both my family and my husband’s family, and I got several nerdy gifts 🙂 I’ll probably spend New Years relaxing at home!

  8. Christmas is such a nice holiday. 🙂
    Your gifts are too cute! I can tell that majority of them is owl-themed. I especially love the 2015 planner and the owl jewellery.

    Talking about christmas presents, I got a present that still had its price tag on it! 😮 It was $5. Hahaha. But I appreciate it all the same. 🙂

    1. Oh no! I always try and make sure that I remove the prices. Not because what I buy is cheap, but because I don’t want anyone having to think about cost and can just enjoy the gift. xD

  9. Such cute little gifts! Love that Mr. Hanky too, haahaa. Spending time with family is nice. 🙂 I hope what you were trying to make ended up working out for you. My Christmas was lovely too. Happy New Year! 😀

    1. Thanks Santa! 😀 I wondered why I hadn’t had any gifts from you. Didn’t realize the budget was tight at the north pole though. 🙁

  10. Your gifts are so cute! I wish I still got presents to open 😛 I did receive some cards this year, which made me happy because I’ve been sending out homemade Christmas cards to anyone who requests them for the past few years but didn’t have time this year – it felt nice to receive them even though I couldn’t send any out.

    My Christmas was spent eating! And chilling out. It was a really nice break from a hectic period at work.

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