Chicken Dreams

15 years

I made a theme for the site ( featuring a cute little chicken. About time I made my own theme instead of using other peoples (nothing wrong with doing so – but I had wanted to make something of my own). Trying to mesh the colours together took the longest but hopefully it looks cuddly and visible to all. 😀 I also made a few updates; Added new pixels, added a new emoticon/smilies set and added a few more avatar/icon examples. 😀

That is about it for now, I guess I should go and collapse into bed.

14 Responses

  1. I’ve always liked your style of layouts, so colorful yet tasteful and cute at the same time. I like the round corners and the 3D look of the comments.

  2. Cute theme! I know what you mean about using one’s own theme. I was using someone else’s theme for the last fortnight and recently put one of my own up, and it just makes me feel a wee better about my site haha.

  3. ah Kya, you have outdone yourself with this theme! It is absolutely adorable! The new content is also amazing as well!

    I also read that you are working on a portfolio ! Good luck with it !

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